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Annick T.R. Wibben

Annick T.R. Wibben

Associate Professor

Annick T.R. Wibben holds a Ph.D. in International Politics from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK., a M.SocSc. in International Relations and European Studies from the University of Tampere, Finland and a Vordiplom in Economics from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Before coming to USF, she worked with the Information Technology, War and Peace Project [] at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University from 2001-2005. During that time, she also taught at Brown University, Bryant University, and Wellesley College. In the fall of 2003, she was a Rockefeller Humanities Fellow with the National Council for Research on Women and the Center for the Study of Women and Society ad the CUNY Graduate Center, doing research on human security.

Her research straddles (critical) security studies, international theory, and feminist international relations. She also has a keen interest in issues of methodology, representation, and writing. Her current research reflects these varied interests: A chapter on "Narrative, Metaphor & The Politics of Security" was just published and she recently wrote a short piece for a forum on "The Third Debate: 25 Years Later" on the ISQ blog. Currently she is writing/ editing chapters on "Feminist Methodologies in IR Contexts" and "Feminist Security Studies." In spring 2014, she presented conference papers on pedagogy in global politics, issues in critical and feminist security studies, and new direction in feminist methodologies at the ISA and IFJP conferences. She was invited to be part of the keynote plenary on "The Failure to Secure" at the 2014 BISA conference in Dublin this summer, where she also presented on "The Politics of Feminist and Critical Security Studies."

Recent publications include her book Feminist Security Studies: A Narrative Approach (Routledge 2011), "Feminist Politics in Feminist Security Studies" in Politics & Gender (2011), and "The Gendering of Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan" in Humanity (co-authored with Keally McBride in 2012). She has also contributed a chapter "Who Do We Think We Are?" to the highly successful textbook, Global Politics, now in its second edition (Edkins & Zehfuss, 2013). Select older publications include "Human Security: Toward an Opening" in Security Dialogue (2008) and "Feminist International Relations: Old Debates and New Directions" in the Brown Journal of World Affairs (2004). The University of Tampere published her Narrating Experience: Raymond Aron and Feminist Scholars Revi(si)ted in 1998.

Prof. Wibben is the founder and coordinator of the Feminist Security Studies Network (read an interview on her work here). She has been a member of the executive board of the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies section of the International Studies Association since 2008 and is its the currenct chair of the section. In addition to being an editorial board member of the journals Security Dialogue, International Political Sociology, and International Studies Quarterly, she recently co-founded a new Journal of Narrative Politics.

Prof. Wibben teaches International Politics and contributes to the Politics, International Studies, Gender & Sexualities Studies, Peace & Justice Studies and Legal Studies curricula. In spring 2013, she was USF's Davies Professor and taught a special seminar on "Women, Violence and War"; check out the 2013DaviesForum blog!

Administrative Appointments

Chair | Peace and Justice Studies
Advisory Board Member | Bachelor in International Studies (BAIS)
Advisory Board Member | Master in International Studies (MAIS)
Advisory Board Member | Gender and Sexualities Studies

Courses Offered
  • Introduction to International Politics
  • Politics of War and Peace
  • Feminist International Relations
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Honors Seminar/ Capstone Course
  • Davies Forum: Women, Violence and War

In fall 2014, Prof. Wibben's office hours are from 1:30-3pm on Wednesdays & by appointment