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Kathryn  Nasstrom

Kathryn Nasstrom


Kathryn Nasstrom, Associate Professor of History, teaches in the U.S. field and specializes in women's history, oral history, and civil rights history. She received her PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1993 and has been at USF since 1994.
She is the author of Everybody's Grandmother and Nobody's Fool: Frances Freeborn Pauley and the Struggle for Social Justice (Cornell University Press, 2000), and she has published in the Journal of American History and the Oral History Review, among other journals. She is also the editor of the Oral History Review and a series editor for Oxford University Press's oral history book series. Her current research is on autobiographies of the civil rights movement, and she is completing a book manuscript on the autobiographical literature on the Little Rock school desegregation crisis.

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Department Chair, History