Teacher Education — Urban Education and Social Justice
Patrick  Camangian

Patrick Camangian, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Patrick Camangian is an associate professor in the Teacher Education Department at the University of San Francisco. He has been an English teacher since 1999, beginning in the Los Angeles Unified School District where he was awarded "Most Inspirational Teacher" by former mayor Richard Riordan and the school's student body. Professor Camangian currently volunteers in the Oakland Unified School District teaching English. He has collaborated with groups such as California's People’s Education Movement, the Education for Liberation national network, and San Francisco's Teachers 4 Social Justice.


Ph.D., Education, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Areas

Critical pedagogy and transformative teaching in urban schools; action research, critical literacy, culturally empowering education, and urban teacher development. Currently, he is turning to research in the health sciences to inform his findings on complex traumas and urban education.

Courses Offered
  • Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice
  • Single Subject Curriculum and Instruction: Academic Literacy
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Action Research and Service-Learning for Urban Teachers
Selected Publications

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