Mary  Gallo

Mary Gallo

Term Assistant Professor

Term Assistant Professor Mary Elizabeth Gallo has been immersed in both sides of the educational experience at USF, earning her doctorate in Education (with a major in Leadership Studies) along with her master's degree in Organizational Development. Her areas of research include: narrative identity, global engagement, and career development among American university students in international community-based learning programs.

Professor Gallo feels that international service learning and volunteerism is crucial for students and instructors to enhance their understanding of different cultures, helping them foster civic responsibility and connect theory to practice.

As a participant in a mission identity and leadership delegation trip to El Salvador, Professor Gallo met with social-political leaders and grassroots organizations in order to conduct research on social justice issues. In addition, Gallo lead a recent service trip to Lima, Peru, where she and a group of undergraduate students worked with homeless children affected by human trafficking.

Gallo has worked within several large companies designing education and strategic communication seminars, creating company missions, and founding an Organization Training & Development Department. Gallo conducts OD consulting for a family business, serves on two boards in the Bay Area and is the Chairperson for USF's North Bay Leadership Council.


Ed.D., Education, Major: Leadership Studies, USF, 2008

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.
  • OBL 322: Organizational Leadership
  • OBL 323: Leading Change in Organization
  • OBL 336: Topics in Organizational Behavior


Board Member, Daughters of Charity Foundation

Board Member, Christopher P. Walker Foundation

Board Member, G-3 Enterprises