Manuel  Tarrazo

Manuel Tarrazo


Manuel Tarrazo, Professor of Finance, teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in corporate finance and investment management. His widely published research focuses on applying emerging methodologies to portfolio optimization and corporate financial planning. As a prolific writer and noted lecturer, Dr. Tarrazo has brought visionary mathematical concepts to bear on a wide range of business decision making practices.

Professor Tarrazo's career has embraced a challenge faced in today's information rich environment: how to rationalize financial decision making, minimizing uncertainty, when confronted with overwhelming and often conflicting data sources. Applying visionary mathematical methodologies to complex statistical problems, his research and extensive publications are providing answers to such real world imperatives as which securities should be considered first and whether equity merits investment in the first place. Dr. Tarrazo has made thirty-eight professional presentations, earning two "Best Study in Finance" and one "Best Interdisciplinary Study" awards.

Dr. Tarrazo has demonstrated the power of sophisticated heuristics (mental short cuts), such as "fuzzy optimization," to provide answers to a myriad of investment dilemmas. He believes that such decision support technologies have an important role to play in almost every aspect of human society.

A native of Spain, where he obtained a Licenciado at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Professor Tarrazo appreciates the tremendous cultural (not to mention culinary) diversity of the Bay Area. And following a sojourn in upstate New York, where he received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany, he finds the Bay Area's weather as conducive to a full life as Southern Europe's.


Ph.D., Economics and Finance, State University of New York, Albany, NY, 1993
M.A., Economics, State University of New York, Albany, NY, 1985
Licenciado, Economics (with concentration in Business and Public Finance), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 1981

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

"Minimum-Variance versus Tangent Portfolios - a Comment," Journal of Asset Management, 13, pp. 186-195, 2012 (with Ricardo Ubeda) 

"Algebraic Analysis of Optimal Portfolios," Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Vol. 4, pp. 113-152, 2010 

"On Portfolios and Regressions," The Journal of Financial Education, Vol. 35, 2009 

"Identifying Securities to Buy: the heuristic ri/stdi,"Research in Finance, Vol. 25, 2009 

"Positive Optimal Weights on the EfficientFrontier: Conditions, Causes, and Implications,"The International Journal of Finance, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2008 

Honors and Awards 

Outstanding Research Award, USF School of Management, 1998, 2009

Outstanding Teaching Award, USF School of Management, 2005


Editorial Board Member, Technological Horizons in Education, 1995 - 2000

Chair, Undergraduate Program Committee, USF, 2009 - 2011

 Manuel Tarazzo, University of San Francisco School of Management