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Helen  Stetson

Helen Stetson, EdD, WHNP, RNC, FACCE

Associate Professor Emerita; Adjunct Faculty


NP, Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
EdD, Curriculum and Instruction, University of San Francisco
MSN, University of California, San Francisco
BSN., Northwestern University

Administrative Appointments

University Information Technology Committee
Task Force Committee for Development of Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Course
Evaluation Committee
Task Force Committee for DNP Program

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Holistic publications include:

Stetson, B. (in press). A description of holistic registered nurses' characteristic and practice. Holistic Nursing Practice Journal.

Stetson, B. (1997). Holistic health stress management program: Nursing student and client health outcomes. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 15(2): 143-157.

Stetson, H. E.  (1990). The effects of a conditioned training program on pregnant women at risk for preterm labor. (Doctoral dissertation; University of San Francisco, 1989). Dissertation Abstracts International, 51/05A, 1513.


Always interested in optimizing women's health and maternity nursing. Teaching Holistic Nursing and Stress Management to students and nurses is a continuous goal.