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James  Shaw

James Shaw


"People who occupy leadership roles in organizations can influence not just their own firms, but by extension, the entire economy." - James Shaw.

Professor James Shaw is a leading-edge researcher and educator in the fields of managerial economics, business modeling methodology, strategy, and the management of competitive advantage. Dr. Shaw feels that equipping his students with a foundation of inquiry and critical thinking, as well as the knowledge base to positively impact communities - and indeed, world economies - is his greatest reward as an academic and academician.

Approaching economics from a sustainability perspective - integrating principles of social justice into his teaching - Professor Shaw and his students generate progressive business and financial models that serve to help developing and struggling economies to thrive.

Dr. Shaw has consulted in the fields of management and economics in both the public and private sectors since 1979. In addition, he has authored four books on topics that include telecommunication and the information economy.


Ph.D., Political Science, Managerial Science, University of Nevada, NV
M.A., Communications, Stanford University, CA
M.S., Resource Economics, University of Nevada, NV
M.A., Political Science, University of Nevada, NV
A.B., Political Science, Economics, University of San Francisco, CA

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

Telecommunications Deregulation & the Information Economy, Boston, MA, Artech House, 2001

Strategic Management in Telecommunications, Boston, MA, Artech House, 2000

Telecommunications Deregulation, Boston, MA, Artech House, 1997

"Wireless Communications and Technology Substitution," Technology Futures Journal, Dallas, TX, 1997

Honors and Awards

Recipient of EMBA Outstanding Teaching Award, USF, 2013


Director, Business Economics programs, USF, 2009 - 2013

Adjunct Professor, Executive MBA program, USF, 2007 - present

Chair, Department of Public Management, USF, 1995 - 1998

Director, Masters of Public Administration program, USF, 1989 - 1994

James Shaw, University of San Francisco School of Management