Taricha torosa observed in a creek near Novato

Extra Links & Papers for Herpetology

Several Journals are now accessable online to USF students through the following website BioOne - these include the Journal of Herpetology, Copeia, & Herptologica.

Additional Papers: Papers will usually be in the form of a *.pdf file which can only be read using Adobe Acrobat. All campus computers have this software already, but if you are at home, you'll need to install it on your computer. To do this, go to the following site: Adobe Acrobat Reader - Free Download Site.

Papers for tetrapod evolution lectures:

Origin and early radiation of terrestrial vertebrates

The Greatest Step in Vertebrate History: A Paleobiological Review of the Fish-Tetrapod Transition (very good review article)

Papers for Development & Integument lecture:

Density-Dependent Growth and Fecundity in the Paedomorphic Salamander
Ambystoma Talpoideum

Ultrastructure of the Dermal Chromatophores in a Lizard (Scincidae: Plestiodon latiscutatus) with Conspicuous Body and Tail Coloration

Papers on Parental Care

Parental investment by skin feeding in a caecilian amphibian

Papers on Unisexual Reproduction

Choosy females and indiscriminate males: mate choice in mixed populations of sexual and hybridogenetic water frogs (Rana lessonae, Rana esculenta)

Sex in unisexual salamanders: discovery of a new sperm donor with ancient affinities

Paper on thermoregulation:

Thermoregulation When the Growing Season Is Short: Sex-Biased Basking Patterns in
a Northern Population of Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta)

Papers on Home Range and Territory size:

Home-Range Analysis in Sceloporus undulatus (Eastern Fence Lizard). I. Spacing Patterns and the Context of Territorial Behaviorfull access

The Influence of Food Abundance on Territory Size in the Iguanid Lizard Sceloporus jarrovi

Population Growth paper

Demographic Processes Underlying Population Growth and Decline in Salamandra salamandra

Predator defense papers:

Antipredator Responses by Texas Horned Lizards to Two Snake Taxa with Different Foraging and Subjugation Strategies

Tetrodotoxin Resistance in Garter Snakes: An Evolutionary Response of Predators to Dangerous Prey

Experimental studies of Coral Snake mimicry: generalized avoidance of ringed snake patterns by ree-ranging avian predators:

Biogeography paper:

Rhachoporid biogeography paper

Conservation papers:

Are we in the midst of the sixth mass extinction? A view from the world of amphibians

Global decline of reptiles and amphibians

The Deadly Chytrid Fungus: A Story of an Emerging Pathogen

Reptile Systematics

Systematics and Herpetology in the Age of Genomics


Amphibian Conservation Sites:

Frog Log - Newsletter of the Declining Amphibian Population Task Force

Science Daily 2002 - Study links parasite to amphibian malformations in Western U.S. ESA 04/19/02.

USGS Amphibian Declines and Deformities

Amphibiaweb - The Amphibian Decline Phenomenon

Amphibian Disease Homepage

Hartwick College Frog Research Page

Herbicides: Feminization of male frogs in the wild-Nature Paper

Emerging Amphibian Diseases


Amphibian Diversity

California Herps - Site that has all the info you need on local species

Caudata Culture - Salamander Site

Crocodylian Info Site

Herpetological Conservation and Biology - A new journal dedicated to natural history & conservation of amphibians and reptiles

LivingUnderWorld - Informative site all about amphibians

Class Amphibia - Animal Diversity Web from U. of Michigan

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at Berkeley - MVZ collection database - http://elib.cs.berkeley.edu/mvz/

Turtle Website

HERP LITERATURE - http://www.herplit.com/

SSAR - Society for the study of Amphibians & Reptiles

Herpetologists' League


Center for N.A. Herpetology - has links to papers and other interesting stuff