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Date Lecture Topic 2nd X chapter Online Papers for Journal Club/etc...
22-Jan Course Intro - Why female biology? 1  
24-Jan Why female biology continued  


Research bias paper, Why sex matters in neuroscience

27-Jan Evolution of sex 3  
29-Jan Evolution of two sexes    
31-Jan Video (what females want)    
3-Feb Genetics of sex 4  
5-Feb Development of Reproductive Anatomy 5  
7-Feb (SL Organization Deadline) Journal Club: Dever  

Epigenetic Regulation of Mouse SexDetermination by the Histone Demethylase Jmjd1a

10-Feb Female Genitalia 6  
12-Feb Gender differences - a biological perspective 7 PNAS Brain Differences Paper
14-Feb Journal Club [Gender Differences; Navdeep & Tiffany]   Gender differences in stressors and reactions to stressors among Jordanian university students
19-Feb Gender differences - a biological perspective    
21-Feb Exam 1    
24-Feb Menstrual Cycle 8  
26-Feb Menstrual Cycle    
28-Feb Journal Club [Menstrual Cycle; Tamara & Sarah] 8 Nimodipine, a calcium channel blocker, delays the spontaneous LH surge in women with regular
menstrual cycles: a prospective pilot study
3-Mar Review Menstrual Cycle    
5-Mar Female Sexuality    
7-Mar Journal Club [Female Sexuality; Alex & Kate]   Hormonal predictors of sexual motivation in natural menstrual cycles
10-Mar Spring Break    
12-Mar Spring Break    
14-Mar Spring Break    
17-Mar Pregnancy   Pregnancy PPT
19-Mar Contraception 12  
21-Mar Contraception 12  

Female health issues: Gynocological Difficulties


26-Mar Female health issues: STD's    
28-Mar Journal Club [Infertility; Danica & Rainier]  

IVF paper

31-Mar STD's continued    
2-Apr STD's continued    
4-Apr Exam 2    
7-Apr Female health issues: Cancer 13  
9-Apr Female health issues: Cervical Cancer    
11-Apr Journal Club [women & cancer; Janelle & Celine]  

BRCA Mutation Frequency and Patterns of Treatment...

14-Apr Female health issues: Uterine & Ovarian Cancer    
16-Apr Female health issues: Cancer    
18-Apr Journal Club [Autoimmune Disease; Jennifer & Sahar]

Combined Oral Contraceptives in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

21-Apr Sex affects health    
23-Apr Heart Disease & Other Women's Health Problems     
25-Apr Journal Club [Menopause; Angela & Sanji] 14

Nutritional associations with bone loss during the menopausal...

28-Apr Menopause & Aging    
30-Apr Staying healthy    
2-May Staying healthy    
5-May Exam 3    
7-May SL Wrap Up, Paper Due (journal due 5/13)