FEMALE BIOLOGY - TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE (lecture slides are in pdf format, with 3 slides per page to save paper).

Date Lecture Topic 2nd X ; OBO Online Papers
21-Aug Why female biology?, Course intro 1 http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2010/07/drug_problem.html
23-Aug No Class - SL Day    
28-Aug Evolution of sex 3  
30-Aug Genetics of sex pt1 4  
4-Sep Genetics of sex pt2 4 Sex determination review article; Sex chromosomes review
6-Sep Development of Reproductive Anatomy 5 X inactivation information
11-Sep Female Reproductive Anatomy (SL Organization Deadline) 6; 1  
13-Sep Gender differences - an anatomical perspective 7; 4 Why sex matters for neuroscience
18-Sep Gender differences - a behavioral perspective 7 Guest - Prof. Sears
20-Sep Exam 1    
25-Sep Endocrine system/hormones review   Guest - Prof. Tzagarakis
27-Sep Menstrual Cycle 8; 1  
2-Oct Problems with Menstrual Cycle 8; p.607-611,624-626  
4-Oct Sexuality 7, 8  
9-Oct Fall Break - No Class   Neurobiology of Sexual Function
11-Oct Sexuality continued 9 & 10  
16-Oct Pregnancy and Delivery 10, 11; 12, 15-16  
18-Oct Contraception 12; 13  
23-Oct Contraception cont.;  Infertility 12; 18 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0010782411002630
25-Oct Exam 2    
30-Oct Female health issues: Gynocological Difficulties 2



1-Nov Female health issues: STD's p. 111-112;11  
6-Nov Female health issues: HIV/AIDS 11 HIV infection of the genital mucosa of women
8-Nov no class - watch Frontline video    
13-Nov Female health issues: breast cancer & cervical cancer 13; 21  
15-Nov Female health issues: Uterine & Ovarian cancer OBO-22  
20-Nov Cardiovascular Disease and other Women's Health Problems   Women and lung cancer: does oestrogen play a role?
22-Nov Thanksgiving Holiday    
27-Nov Menopause & Aging and staying healthy 14; 20 Sexuality... and Aging Study
29-Nov Exam 3    
4-Dec SL Wrap Up    
13-Dec  SL Paper Due