Reveiw of Literature Presentation Guidelines

Each group is responsible for selecting one primary research article per member of the group for their assigned topic. You must submit your research articles to me at least 2 weeks prior to your presentation. Your selection must be "ok'd" by me beforehand. Failure to meet this requirement will result in a loss of points. You are responsible for providing me an electronic copy of each article that will be made available to your classmates no later than one week before your presentation date.

You should include the following information in your presentation (remember, this is a summary - summarize the main points in your own words):

A. Introduction and background material (general background information on the topic so the class is informed enough to understand your primary research article info)

B. The main question(s) or problem(s) addressed in the primary articles

C. Methods used to test hypotheses

D. Findings & Conclusions

E. Synthesis & Critique- Why this topic is significant (and why testing these hypotheses is important). How are the papers related? Is there congruence among the findings from these papers? What was your overall impression of the research, does it support the information provided in the textbook? In your opinion, were there any shortcomings with the research or the conclusions made by the researchers?

PRESENTATION: Your group will be responsible for presenting your topic paper to the class using the primary articles you have chosen to explain the topic and illustrate current research in the area. You will present points A-E (stated above). The oral presentation should involve all members of your group and exhibit a coordinated effort. The goal is to present the material in your paper to your peers (i.e., your classmates), so the presentation must be CLEAR, CONCISE, WELL-PREPARED, and UNDERSTANDABLE. Your peers will be helping to grade you (via evaluations). The class will be tested on the papers you reviewed therefore it is important they understand the information. Each group will have approximately 25 minutes for your presentation and 10 minutes for Q & A.

Support your presentation with visual aids. Figures, tables or other visual materials should be SIMPLE, CLEAR, and well-organized. You may also want to include handouts for your classmates -if you want me to make copies of the material for you this can be arranged the class prior to your presentation date.

You should have time to field questions from the audience. How well you answer these questions is also considered in your grade. The only way to prepare for these questions is to know everything you can about your topic and dream up possible questions yourself and try to answer them during your practice sessions. You will also be a member of the audience, and your participation in asking questions will also contribute to your individual evaluations.