Below are the groups and papers for your presentation:

Group Members Topic & Presentation Date
Madison & Alexis

sexual selection 10/18

Allometry and Proximate Mechanisms of Sexual Selection in Photinus Fireflies,
and Some Other Beetles

Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Brain Size in Primates

Navdeep, Natasia & Staci

kin selection 10/21

Altruistic self-removal of health-compromised honey bee workers from their hive

Kin selection in Columbian ground squirrels: direct and indirect fitness benefits

Kin selection, quorum sensing and virulence in pathogenic bacteria

Kelly, Jordan & Tyler

co-evolution 10/30

Rapid diversiļ¬cation of coevolving marine Synechococcus and a virus

Persistent Hepatitis C Virus Infection In Vitro: Coevolution of Virus and Host

Genetic architecture of a feeding adaptation: garter snake (Thamnophis) resistance to tetrodotoxin bearing prey, gives an example of coevolution with the TTX resistance phenotype in garter snakes

Alfred, Galen & Lauren

speciation 11/8

Speciation and Intrasubspecific Variation of Bornean Orangutans, Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus

Phenotypic and Genetic Divergence among Poison Frog Populations in a Mimetic Radiation

Depth related adaptation, speciation

Janelle, Jaynelle & Ricka

evo-devo 11/22

Breaking evolutionary and pleiotropic constraints in mammals: On sloths, manatees and homeotic mutations

Left-right asymmetric expression of dpp in the mantle of gastropods correlates with asymmetric
shell coiling

Six3 demarcates the anterior-most developing brain region in bilaterian animals

Johnathan, Sara & Tamara

human evolution 11/27

Impact of Carnivory on Human Development and Evolution Revealed by a New Unifying Model of Weaning in Mammals

Early Origin for Human-Like Precision Grasping: A Comparative Study of Pollical Distal Phalanges in Fossil Hominins

Functional divergence of the brain-size regulating gene MCPH1 during primate evolution and the
origin of humans

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