Section 1 (9:15-10:20)

Sexual Selection - Eggspot Number and Sexual Selection in the Cichlid Fish Astatotilapia burtoni AND Evolution of a sexually dimorphic trait in a broadly
distributed topminnow (Fundulus olivaceus)

Kin Selection - Kin selection and the distribution of altruism in relation to degree of kinship in Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) AND Kin selection in Columbian ground squirrels
(Urocitellus columbianus): littermate kin provide individual fitness benefits
AND Group 1 Handout

Coevolution - Phenotypic Mismatches Reveal Escape from Arms-Race Coevolution AND Migratory behavior of birds affects their coevolutionary relationship with blood parasites

Speciation - Tracing the first step to speciation: ecological and genetic differentiation of a salamander population in a small forest AND From Europe to Africa and vice versa:
evidence for multiple intercontinental dispersal in ribbed salamanders (Genus Pleurodeles)

Biogeography - Biogeographical origins and diversification of the exoneurine allodapine bees of Australia (Hymenoptera, Apidae) AND Biogeography of Indonesian snakes AND Phylogeny and historical biogeography of ancient assassin spiders (Araneae: Archaeidae) in the Australian mesic zone: Evidence for Miocene speciation within Tertiary refugia

Evo-devo - The Evolution of Gene Regulation Underlies a Morphological Difference between Two Drosophila Sister SpeciesAND Early development of Ensatina eschscholtzii: an amphibian with a large, yolky egg AND Prox 1 in eye degeneration and sensory organ compensation during development and evolution of the cavefish Astyanax

Human Evolution - Impact of Carnivory on Human Development and Evolution Revealed by a New Unifying Model of Weaning in Mammals AND A unifying model for timing of walking onset in
humans and other mammals

Section 2 - (10:30-11:35)

Sexual Selection - The Effect of Sexual Selection on Offspring Fitness Depends on the Nature of Genetic Variation AND Contrasting sexual selection on males and females in a
role-reversed swarming dance fly, Rhamphomyia longicauda Loew (Diptera: Empididae

Kin Selection - Multiple Benefits Drive Helping Behavior in a Cooperatively Breeding Bird: An Integrated AnalysisAND Kin selection and cooperative courtship in wild turkeys

Coevolution - Rapid divergent evolution of sexual morphology: comparative tests of antagonistic coevolution... AND Shooting darts: co-evolution and counter-adaptation in
hermaphroditic snails

Speciation - Mate choice and courtship signal differentiation promotes speciation in an Amazonian frog, AND High level of cryptic species diversity revealed by sympatric lineages of Southeast Asian forest frogsAND GEOLOGICAL AND CLIMATIC FORCES DRIVING SPECIATION IN THE CONTINENTALLY DISTRIBUTED TRILLING CHORUS FROGS (PSEUDACRIS)

Biogeography -Dragon’s Paradise Lost: Palaeobiogeography, Evolution and Extinction of the Largest-Ever Terrestrial Lizards (Varanidae)AND Climate change and historical
biogeography of the barnacle Semibalanus balanoidesgeb

Evo-devo- A Molecular Footprint of Limb Loss: Sequence Variation of the Autopodial Identity Gene Hoxa-13 AND Evidence for the involvement of GLOBOSA-like gene
duplications and expression divergence in the evolution of floral morphology in the Zingiberales

Human Evolution - The evolution of human skin coloration AND Neandertal birth canal shape and the evolution of human childbirth AND Earliest evidence of modern human life history in North African early Homo sapiens