Tentative Conservation Biology Lecture & Field Trip Schedule

Lectures will be done with Prezi or PowerPoint. For prezi you can create an account for free: http://prezi.com/recommend/wrt1bx6-mibb/

Class Date Lecture Topic Readings Field Activity
19-Aug Introduction to Conservation Biology online paper  
21-Aug History of Conservation Biology chap. 1  
26-Aug Video - The Nat'l Parks   Mt. Tam
28-Aug Discussion of Video, History    

what is biological diversity?

chap. 2, online paper  

Ecological components / measuring biodiversity

prezi biodiversity 2 link

chap. 2  
9-Sep biodiversity continued chap. 3  
11-Sep exam 1   Presidio, Shannon Diversity est.

biodiversity crisis

prezi - threats to biodiversity link

chap. 7, 8  
18-Sep habitat loss & degradation chap. 9, online paper  
23-Sep exotic species & overexploitation video, bushmeat video chap. 10 , seafood watch Muir Woods, Video (library)
25-Sep Sand Co. Almanac Discussion chap. 10  
30-Sep values of biodiversity chap. 4  
2-Oct attitude and ethics of conservation chap. 6  
7-Oct conservation policy & translational science chap. 5 San Francisco Estuary Institute
9-Oct video - The Cove, essay #1 due online overview  
14-Oct Fall Break    
16-Oct exam 2 due; Populations chap. 11  
21-Oct populations continued chap. 12  
23-Oct strategies for managing species decline tiger paper  
28-Oct protected areas   SL - Amy & Jessica
30-Oct protected areas online paper  
4-Nov ecosystem management   SL - Jaileez & Eric
6-Nov restoration ecology chap. 19  
11-Nov restoration ecology - Video   SL - Bella, Roxanna & Thai
13-Nov essay #2 Due by 5 pm. (no lecture)    
18-Nov suburban/urban landscape   SL - Carlo, Jess, & Nicole
20-Nov sustainable development ch. 20 Lecture
25-Nov environmental economics   SL - Aaron & Margot
27-Nov Thanksgiving break    
11-Dec final exam; 10-12