Tentative Conservation Biology Lecture & Field Trip Schedule

Class Date Lecture Topic Readings Field Activity
23-Aug Introduction online paper intro to field component
25-Aug history of conservation biology chap. 1  
30-Aug history continued- video (America's Best Idea)    
1-Sep biodiversity pt. 1 chap. 2  
6-Sep biodiversity pt. 2 chap. 2 & 5, How many species?  
8-Sep biodiversity cont.

WSJ article

amphibian extinction paper

13-Sep habitat loss & degradation chap. 4 Muir Woods
15-Sep habitat loss cont., exotic species online paper about climate change  
20-Sep exotic species Evolutionary impact of exotics paper California Academy of Science
22-Sep overexploitation online paper on overfishing  
27-Sep video - The Cove   Heron's Head Park & LEJ
29-Sep values & ethics

chap. 3,

4-Oct values continued online paper  
6-Oct Guest Speaker - California Interfaith Power & Light    
18-Oct populations Sand Co. Almanac - "the Upshot"; chap. 5  
20-Oct populations continued, ESSAY 1 DUE chap. 6  
25-Oct strategies for managing species decline online paper - Ferret reintroduction Presidio Trust - Verena & Stephanie
27-Oct managing species cont. chap. 7  
1-Nov managing protected areas online video TreeFrogTreks - Carmen & Troy
3-Nov protected areas online paper  
8-Nov ecosystem management chap. 8 Curioddessy - Christie & Johnathon
15-Nov restoration ecology   Golden Gate Park - Amelia & Lizette
17-Nov restoration cont. / urban landscape chap. 8, online paper  
22-Nov Guest Lecture on wetlands restoration   Nature in the City, Meritt & Thomas
24-Nov Thanksgiving break - NO CLASS    

translational scientisists, Economy

ESSAY 2 - in class

  Marine Mammal Center, Cheng Li & Steven
1-Dec economy continued chap. 9  
6-Dec video, ESSAY 3 due   t.b.d.
15-Dec FINAL EXAM, 10-12