Releasing a Foothill yellow-legged (Rana boylii) frog in Mendocino National Forest.





Jennifer A. Dever
Associate Professor of Biology, Director of the PSM in Biotechnology program

Biology Department,USF
Phone: (415) 422-5481
Fax: (415) 422-6363


Amolops indoburmanensis, preserved

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction." E.O. Wilson

My Curriculum Vitae

coursesCourse Information (Classes I am currently teaching, or recently taught)

Spring 2015


Molecular Biology (BIOL 420)

FALL 2014

Conservation Biology

Evolution (iTunes U link)

Molecular Biology (BTEC 620)

Research Interests

While at Texas Tech University I studied the population genetics of endangered crocodiles in Belize, C.A. and have been at USF for the past 13 years where my research falls under the broad category of conservation genetics. It is my goal to use genetics as a means of better managing threatened wildlife.

Projects range from local - working on population genetics of Rana boylii - to global, identifying new species from Myanmar. For more detailed info check out these links:


Identification of Theloderma species from Myanmar

Impact of dams on genetic diversity in foothill yellow-legged frogs (R. boylii)

Belding's Ground Squirrel Population Study near Yosemite


New species of Amolops from Myanmar (formally known as Burma)

Gene flow in Rana boylii of a pristine region on the Eel river

Genetic Diversity in Morelet's Crocodile populations in Belize, Central America


Collecting Rana boylii frogs in the Eldorado National Forest, June 2011.















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