This is a history lesson which integrates technology in an attempt to appeal to multiple intelligences. It was designed for an 8th Grade social studies class. It can be used as the focal point of the introduction to the American Revolution or it may simply be used as supplementary exercise. 
The main topics covered in the activity are: The Stamp Act, The Quartering Act, The Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre, The Intolerable Acts and the First Continental Congress.
This lesson is ideal for a computer lab setting with at least 16  computers.  If there are fewer computers, students may complete the ready-set in groups.

To introduce the American Revolution, the class will complete a ready-set-internet project.  They will be given a worksheet  which will guide them through the Internet activity.  This particular ready-set will focus on the events that lead up to the American Revolution.   While the students are working on completing the activity the teacher will tell the students that they will have a quiz the next day and they should pay careful attention to the information given in these web pages.  The time allotment is 45 minutes. Following the completion of the ready-set exercise, the class will be divided into two groups.  The teacher will then log on to and find the Revolution Jeopardy! Game.  This game works best with a projector or TV screen hookup but could also be played with two students on one computer.  This “quiz” should not be graded and is meant to be a fun way to review what they have learned.  The winning group will have first choice of a prize.  The time allotment is 30 minutes.

Developed by Susan Drucker-Hunsaker, Darlene Conwell, and José Manuel Ochoa.

University of San Francisco, 1999