CA Prize Dinner 2013
Awards Ceremony
California Prize Dinner
KA399- Conference Style, Capacity 12


To ensure a seamless event experience, our office coordinates requests for room setups, audio/visual equipment, catering, parking/transportation, event recording/broadcasting, conference phones, eco-stations, decor, rentals, floral, pre and post cleaning services, special furniture deliveries, and One Card access, etc.

RELOCATION: Sometimes the needs of the university community will take precedence over meetings/events; we reserve the right to relocate your event.  At all times, academic classes take precedence. In good faith, we will relocate you to the most suitable alternate location and notify you with as much notice as possible.

FURNISHINGS: Basic chairs and tables are provided by the university. If you wish to upgrade, rentals will be provided at a cost to your budget. Please note that some rooms cannot be re-configured and may have certain restrictions.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Bon App├ętit Catering is the exclusive caterer on campus. In LM 100, LM 103, LMR 419, and LM Del Santo Reading Room, food and beverage must be served in glass and china at an additional cost. All orders/changes must be submitted to your Event Manager at least 72 hours in advance to avoid any surcharges.

AUDIO/VISUAL: If a room is not already equipped, our office will supply and setup A/V (screens, projectors, speakers, microphones) for you. It is recommended you bring your own laptop. Sound outside can only be amplified during the activity hour, 11:45-12:40, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

MATERIALS: Please note that nothing may be taped or hung on the walls in any space on campus. In the event you do, your account will be charged for the proper cleaning and/or damage.

CLEANINGS: If there is excessive debris or food items on the floor or left in space, your account may be charged for a cleaning.

ACCESS: Please do not assume that your reserved space will be accessible early or that you are allowed to stay after your scheduled time.  Please remember that when you use a local room, you are a guest; as such, local kitchens, equipment, and staff are not resources you may utilize. If you need copying or catering services, those arrangements should be made in advance. At the end of your event, please leave the room in the same condition as you found it.

CLASSROOMS: All classrooms are furnished to accommodate the maximum capacity by law. Additional furnishings, chairs, and/or tables are not provided. No additional technology other than present in the room is provided. If you would like to use the classroom technology, please bring your valid One Card to ITS to check out a key. If you are a student, ITS will require that your faculty/staff advisor do this on your behalf. For assistance with classroom technology, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 415-422-6668. As a courtesy to the class and/or group using the room after your event, we ask that you return the furniture to the configuration illustrated on the chart inside the classroom at the conclusion of your event.