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Loyola Village Guest Units

The University has a few overnight guest units in Loyola Village for visitors on official University business. The intended use of these units is for short-term stays for no longer than a week. If available, employees may book the Loyola Village guest units for personal use, which is defined as any non-university business, such as family/friend visits, as well as staff/faculty needing overnight accommodations where the payment is not being covered by the university. If there is availability, we will put a hold on the room. If we need to cancel your hold to accommodate a guest on university business, we will let you know when we do this so you can move forward with other accommodations. We recommend that you also hold a cancelable hotel reservation as a back-up; a list of hotels with promo codes can be found on our website at A week prior to your check-in date, we will send a confirmation e-mail.

Please send an e-mail to to request the overnight guest units. 


$75/ night for a one-bedroom unit

$150/night for a three-bedroom unit