CA Prize Dinner 2013
Awards Ceremony
California Prize Dinner
KA399- Conference Style, Capacity 12

Events Management & Guest Services

The University of San Francisco offers a wide array of event spaces, conference rooms, and overnight guest units to support the needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the community. Events Management & Guest Services is here to coordinate your event and meeting logistics, so you can focus on your guests and content. As resources permit, we welcome external clients that further the vision and mission of the university.

To ensure a seamless event experience, our office coordinates requests for room setups, audio/visual equipment, catering, parking/transportation, event recording/broadcasting, conference phones, eco-stations, decor, rentals, floral, pre and post cleaning services, special furniture deliveries, and One Card access, etc.

To request space and services, please click on Event & Room Request under the Quick Links and login with your USFconnect username and password.