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Welcome to the Discovery Project

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the USF Discovery Project.

DiscoveryProjIn just over two years, Discovery Ambassadors met with more than 1,000 USF alumni across the country and heard their USF story. Thank you to those who participated – we appreciate the opportunity to listen to you.

Launched in 2008, the Discovery Project had five primary goals:

  • Collect information about experiences alumni had at USF as students, the life they made since graduation and their perspectives on the university today. 
  • Provide alumni the opportunity to interact directly with recent graduates of USF and hear first-hand about student experiences today. 
  • Collect information and assess alumni familiarity with current USF programs and priorities.
  • Increase alumni engagement with USF programs and initiatives and establish more effective avenues for communication. 
  • Identify new areas of interest among alumni and identify ways that USF could more meaningfully connect with alumni.

The Discovery Project began in July 2008 with the hiring of three recent USF graduates. Since that time, the Discovery Project team completed 1,028 interviews nationwide, including throughout the state of California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Florida.

Please click here to read the Discovery Project final report and learn more about what alumni had to say about their USF experience and their hopes for USF in the future.

We are grateful to the many alumni who took the time to share their stories. USF looks forward to continuing meaningful dialogue with our friends and supporters.

Discovery Project Final Report 2011Click to download the Discovery Project final report

Alumni Voices

“What a wonderful idea to have such a project, and a delightful experience spending the time with the Ambassador! Not only did we feel that our input about USF was important to the school, but we also thoroughly enjoyed all the information and updates that Andrew provided. We thank you, the Discovery Project and Andrew for this wonderful gift of bringing USF personally into our home.”
Karen F. Sexton, Ph.D.
Sacramento, CA
Class of 1969

“It’s always nice to re-connect with USF; especially since we live so far away in Hawaii. USF will always be a special place to me — I met some incredible friends there (and a pretty great husband too) and even after 40 years I look back with great fondness and appreciation for all that USF offers.”
Elizabeth (Betty) Thompson Mastrantonio
Honolulu, HI
Class of 1970

“I always felt like a part of the family while at USF and have, quite honestly, felt detached since graduation. I see the Discovery Project as a solution to that very problem. I think it’s great that USF is putting such tremendous effort into alumni relations! I look forward to reconnecting with my alma mater & rekindling some local friendships in the process.”
Jamie Umanzor
Honolulu, HI
Class of 2002