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Activities & Programs

Adjunct Workshops

This series of teaching workshops has been designed for adjunct faculty in their first three years at USF. Adjunct colleagues will collaborate, discuss, and learn about strategies that address common teaching challenges. Snacks and beverages are on us.

As a reminder, all activities and programs at the Center for Teaching Excellence are open to Adjunct Faculty.

Intensive Workshops

Each January before classes begin, the CTE will offer a day-long faculty workshop focused on a timely teaching issue. Our 2012 Intensives focused on Reinventing Rigor.

Mini-Grants for Faculty Learning Circles

The CTE provides annual competitive grants to small groups of faculty who wish to focus attention on a particular teaching concern. At year’s end, each group contributes material or programming to CTE for the benefit of other faculty. Begins Spring 2013.

New Faculty Workshops

Monthly workshops for faculty in their first three years at USF focus on developing effective teaching practices, and creating solutions to common teaching challenges. Plus, the CTE provides lunch!

Open Classrooms

The Open Classroom Project brings colleagues together through classroom visits. Faculty participate as visitors, hosts, or both. The program gives faculty a chance to:

  • Observe a variety of teaching environments and practices
  • Exchange ideas and learn from one another
  • Launch a dialogue about pedagogy across departments and colleges/schools

The process is simple: visit a class outside your own discipline or school, meet your host for coffee or a phone call afterward, and begin the conversation. At the least you need to visit one classroom, but you are encouraged to visit even more if you can.

Open Classrooms are completely non-evaluative. There’s no assessment or critiquing involved. Just a simple visit to learn, get inspired, and talk about teaching with colleagues. Open Classrooms run for about 6 weeks each semester. 

Peer Consultation

A confidential, peer-to-peer program, Peer Consultation provides a unique opportunity to enrich and enhance your teaching practice. Your peer consultant visits and observes your class, paying special attention to three concerns that you identify, and then shares his or her observations as you strategize effective solutions together.

Summer Book Club

An annual event, the Faculty Book Club kicked off in 2011 with The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal. In 2012, our choice is How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching. Whether you love the summer book, hate it, or something in between, we want you in the discussion. 

Teaching Café

What does current research tell us about how students learn? How do we know if what we do in the classroom works? At Teaching Cafés, colleagues converse and learn together over lunch.

For more information, visit the CTE Faculty Lounge.