SBA Council

2014 -2015 SBA Council Executive Board

Class Representatives

Faculty Committee Representatives

Other SBA Council Members

First Name Last Name Position
Jerome      Hawkins ABA Representative
Arielle      Brown Administrative Coordinator
Erica Paige Fang Budget Committee, Chair
Lianne Chua Budget Committee, Member
Marianne  Rittenburg Career and Professional Development Committee, Chair
Charles  Crutcher Career and Professional Development Committee, Member
Lauren Pon Career and Professional Development Committee, Member
Amy Rothman Diversity Committee, Chair
Anika Hosseini Diversity Committee, Member
Bryan Sadua Diversity Committee, Member
Amelia      Andersen Educational Development Committee, Chair
Bridget Engle Faculty Engagement Committee, Chair
Ann  Soghomonian Faculty Engagement Committee, Member
Gregory  Stuck     Financial Assistance Committee, Chair
William  Gaudino Graduation Committee, Co-Chair
Zac Hlavaty Graduation Committee, Co-Chair
Vincent Townsend Graduate Community Outreach Committee (GCOC), Chair
Yuki Cruz GCOC, Graduate Student Senate Liaison
Benny  Allen GCOC, JD/MBA Program Primary Liaison
Ashley Jaber GCOC, JD/MBA Program Lt. Liaison
Lauren Harriman Media Committee, Chair
Stephen Richards Media Committee, Library Resources Liaison
Patrick  Tuck Media Committee, Webmaster
Ashley      Oddo New Student Development Committee (NSDC), Chair
Cammila     Valerio NSDC, SBA Mentor Program Coordinator
Sugam  Soni NSDC, SBA Mentor Program Coordinator
Tiffany Lam NSDC, SBA Mentor Program Coordinator
Danielle Stehura Part-Time/LLM Committee, Chair
Claudia      Garcia Student Resources Committee (SRC), Chair
Thomas McCarrick SRC, Community Service Coordinator
Elisha Yang SRC, Social Activities Coordinator
Logan Tillema SRC, Student Services and Wellness Coordinator
Kelly Themes SRC, Students with Disabilities Coordinator