Dear Classmates:

On behalf of the Student Bar Association (SBA) Executive Board and Members of the SBA Council, I want to welcome you to the start of the 2013-2014 academic year.  Every academic year is special, but the 2013-2014 academic year is particularly so because it marks the beginning of a new chapter at the University of San Francisco School of Law.  With the hiring of our new dean, John D. Trasviña, we embark on the beginning of the next century of our law school.  The University of San Francisco School of Law has produced thousands of thoughtful, skilled, and ethical lawyers from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  In a short while, we will all be privileged to join that distinguished group.

The camaraderie amongst our student body is unparalleled.  We have each other to lean on, to celebrate with, and to catch us when we fall.  There is a human element to USF that ties each and every one of us together.  No one succeeds alone when you’re a member of the USF family.  Our students care, not just for themselves, not just for their futures, but for one another.  That is what makes the community here wholly different from any other law school.

The Student Bar Association, the law school’s student government, exists to serve as an active voice for the student body, and to foster a community based on our shared values.  To that end, SBA Members serve as Student Representatives on Faculty Committees that address specific aspects of our law school including Admissions, Faculty Appointments, Educational Programs and Academic Standards.  In addition, the Student Bar Association coordinates social, cultural, and intellectual activities while also coordinating programming to provide students with an opportunity to network, learn, and have fun outside the corridors of our classrooms.  An exciting new initiative this year includes the First Year Initiative, a school-wide mentorship program designed to assist incoming students with becoming quickly acclimated with the law school’s community. 

The life of a law student is both busy and challenging, but the Student Bar Association will continuously strive to make the journey more enjoyable and fulfilling, and I encourage you to join us this year for a truly exciting series of events.  If we can ever be of assistance, please feel free to visit us in the SBA Office (Kendrick Hall, 114) or contact me directly at PAfzali@usfca.edu.  Again, welcome to the start of the academic year and good luck to us all!!  You could not have selected a better law school to attend.


Payvand Afzali


Student Bar Association