By Laws

I. Name and Objectives

This organization shall be known as the USF LGBTQ Caucus, LGBTQ Caucus of USF, LGBTQ Caucus, or the Caucus. The objectives of the organization are outlined in the Caucus mission statement.

II. Membership

a) Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and allied straight USF faculty, staff,and alumni/a.

i) Faculty, staff, and alumni/a members will be asked to make donation to the Caucus in lie of dues. The money will be placed directly into the LGBTQ Caucus account maintained at USF. Donations may be submitted as part of a tax-deductible donation to the USF LGBTQ Caucus through the USF Development Office.

ii) The Caucus, however, will work in collaboration with the Queer Alliance and other student organizations.

iii) All members will be encouraged to attend an Allies training workshop.

iv) All votes will occur at Caucus meetings. The President will send an announcement in advance indicating when a vote will be conducted at a meeting. Members may submit absentee votes or ask that a vote be delayed.

III. Board of Directors

a) The board will consist of the following positions:

i) President

ii) Communications Director

iii) Budget Director

iv) Outreach Director

v) Events and Public Relations Director

vi) Secretary

b) Board Duties

i) The president or designee is responsible for overseeing all of the initiatives of the Caucus, presiding at Caucus meetings, disseminating information between the board and Caucus membership, and coordinating elections. The president or designee will also represent the Caucus in all dealings with USF programs, departments, and the administration.

ii) The communications director is responsible for keeping the records of the LGBTQ Caucus and managing electronic media, including the caucus website and e-mail list.

iii) The budget director with the Caucus Board is responsible for seeking grant opportunities for the Caucus, collecting and disbursing funds and keeping accurate records of the financial affairs of the Caucus.

iv) The outreach director is responsible for interfacing with other USF programs and organizations; contacting LGBTQ organizations, both local and national; and maintaining communication with LGBTQ organizations at other universities including but not limited to creating connections with scholars and potential speakers.

v) Events and public relations director is responsible for organizing and advertising the caucus events and managing media relations. These duties include coordinating with event scheduling, audiovisual services, and catering; creating and distributing promotional materials; promoting events on campus and in the local community; and interacting with the media (e.g., press releases, newspaper editorials, and interviews).

vi) Secretary records meeting minutes to be typed and distributed within two weeks of the meeting. The secretary maintains a current roster of all members and Keeps records of all documentation not kept by the budget director. Secretary will also schedule meeting for the board and Caucus.

IV. Liaisons

Each year, the President will invite USF organizations and programs with similar missions and goals to send a liaison to the caucus meetings. Organizations will include, but are not limited to, the Queer Alliance, USF Pride Law, Allies, Gender and Sexualities Program, Peace and Justice Studies Association, and Multicultural Services.

V. Elections

i) Elections willoccur in the Spring semester.

ii) A minimum of one month prior to the election meeting a member of the Board will solicit the names of potential board members. Nominees must be current members of the LGBTQ caucus and may be self-nominated.

i) A member of the Board will distribute ballots at the meeting containing all of the potential nominees. Members may also submit their ballots via email or anonymously via campus mail to the designated Board member prior to the meeting.

v) The Secretary will tally the votes and notify the Caucus membership of the results within one week of the election. In the case of a draw, a run-off election will be held between the top two candidates.

VI. Meetings

i) The president will preside at meetings of the Caucus. Agenda items will be solicited from the membership in advance. The agenda will be prioritized by the president and distributed at least one week before the meeting.

ii) Meetings will be held once a month. The meeting day and time will be decided by the last meeting of the previous semester. Special meetings may be called by the president, the Board, or the majority of the Caucus.

iii) Meetings are open to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and straight allied USF faculty, staff, graduate students, and alumni/a.

iv) Robert's Rules of Order, latest revised edition, shall be normative but not binding.

v) Caucus policy will be established at meetings, and a quorum must be present for a vote to take place. A quorum is defined as 10% of the membership. 

VII. Subcommittees

i) The president will appoint the subcommittee chairs, and the subcommittees will be formed by the chair from the Caucus membership.

ii) Subcommittees will address specific initiatives mandated by the Caucus.

iii) Subcommittee recommendations will be voted on by the membership at large.

iv) Consultants from outside the Caucus membership may serve in an advisory capacity.

VIII. Amendments to By-Laws

i) These by-laws may be amended by a majority of the membership.

ii) If a member wishes to amend the by-laws, she or he must submit the proposed amendment to the president for discussion at a Caucus meeting. The member must submit the agenda item to the director at least two weeks before the meeting. A proposed amendment will be added to the next Caucus ballot if there is a quorum at the meeting and there is a majority vote in support of adding the amendment to the ballot.

Last amended and approved  February 2012