ELS takes pride in all of its members being active and engaging students, as well as thoughtful, driven and responsible members of the Society.

We seek students who are looking to get involved with substantive, meaningful initiatives and work on beneficial events that foster the professional development of the member and the general student population. General meeting times will be announced through the university and will typically be held two to three times a semester to discuss and plan our most significant programs. Food and refreshments are generally provided at each all-member meetings.

The ELS Board

Our ELS Board consists of second and third year law students that are dedicated to propagating awareness about the environment and fostering interest in environmental legal education. Our backgrounds range from Environmental Science to Political Science but we all share a passion for the environment.

2014-2015 Board Members

 Professor Kaswan - Faculty Advisor
Professor Alice Kaswan
Faculty Advisor
Derek Sagehorn 
Derek Sagehorn
 Patrick Tuck
Patrick Tuck
Co-Vice President
 Mila Buckner
Mila Buckner
Co-Vice President
 Nina Park Board Photo
Nina Park
 Cody Phelps jpeg
Cody Phelps
Tiffany Lam Board Photo 
Tiffany Lam
Social Co-Chair

Miles Maurino
Social Co-Chair
 Jack Ferguson 2
Jack Ferguson
Media Coordinator
Lynette Komar sec 1 Board Photo
Career Development Chair
Lynette Komar
Walter Collins Board Photo 
Walter Collins
Speaker Series Chair
 Lauren Pon sec 2 Board Photo
Lauren Pon
Sustainability Chair

Outreach Coordinator

Event Coordinator
Michael Hewitt - President
Michael Hewitt
3L Representative
Cody Phelps
Calla Yee
3L Representative
 Simon Hurd Board Photo
Simon Hurd
2L Representative