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Saint Ignatius Institute

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The St. Ignatius Institute is a core living/learning community at the University of San Francisco (USF) that is distinctively Jesuit.

It integrates studying the great books, engaging the challenging realities of our world, sharing community, and exploring spirituality in the Jesuit tradition. It forms leaders to use their imagination, creativity, and critical analysis to promote the common good, especially for those most in need.

  • Rigorous Academics Rooted in the Great Books
  • An Honors-Based Curriculum that Satisfies the USF Core Requirements
  • SII is Compatible with any USF Major or Minor
  • Our Students form a Vibrant Community within USF
  • Unique Study Abroad Opportunities at Casa Bayanihan and at Oxford
  • Emphasis on the Jesuit Mission of Service within San Francisco
  • Smaller Seminar Style Classes
  • Opportunity to Minor in Catholic Studies as well as other USF Minors

For more information, call (415) 422-2427 or email Barbara St. Marie, Assistant Director, at