city view at night  
USF Saint Ignatius and Golden Gate Bridge


Originally named Pan American Society, PASUSF was founded in the wake of the Panama - Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco’s World Fair in 1915. As a celebration of the completion of the Panama Canal and the 400th anniversary of Balboa’s entrance into the Pacific Ocean, the exposition displayed a thematic exploration of the Americas, and it also paralleled visitors’ exploration of California. Building on the knowledge and awareness generated from the exposition, PASUSF was established to specifically foster relationships between California and Latin American businesses. The organization grew and changed during the subsequent decades, although always operating as a non-profit organization providing Latin American-focused events and projects in the San Francisco-Bay Area. IPASUSF became the Bay Area’s primary organization for the business and diplomatic communities involved in Latin American affairs. In 2005, the organization moved to the University of San Francisco (USF) to work in partnership with the Center of Latin American Studies (CELASA).