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Engage SF grant reception title slide
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Kumashiro and Wardell at Engage SF reception
Band at Engage SF reception
Grant recipient Engage SF reception
Guests at Engage SF reception
London Breed at Engage SF reception
Karin Cotterman speaking at Engage SF reception
Fr. Fitzgerald shaking hands at Engage SF reception
Ron Sundstrom speaking at Engage SF reception
Sundstrom and Balls Organista at Engage SF reception

Center Programs

DC Mall, Capitol

USF in DC students taking a break on the National Mall.

Newsome event

Former Mayor Gavin Newsom speaking at the McCarthy Center Mayor's Forum.

Service Learning 08 

New USF students participating in Service Learning Preview at Community Partner, Project Open Hand.  

The Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good seeks to prepare students from any major for lives and careers in ethical public service. Public service is viewed as activities that directly contribute to the achievement of a common objective or value, on a public policy level, in areas such as government, business, the environment, healthcare, education, or another field, particularly policies that may affect poor and disenfranchised communities.

The major program areas include: