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Engage SF grant reception title slide
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Kumashiro and Wardell at Engage SF reception
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Grant recipient Engage SF reception
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London Breed at Engage SF reception
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Fr. Fitzgerald shaking hands at Engage SF reception
Ron Sundstrom speaking at Engage SF reception
Sundstrom and Balls Organista at Engage SF reception

Posting an Opportunity

We are always happy to forward events, volunteer, internship and job opportunities to our student mailing list, as well as post your ads on our bulletin boards.
  • Please email us a short description of the opportunity including application deadlines, opportunity dates and a contact person at
  • Please include a hot link to the online posting if at all possible. It is easier to include a summary and a link in our weekly newsletter to student than the whole announcement.
  • Please attach a one-page flyer if you have one, so that we can post it on our bulletin boards.

Also consider posting your job or internship offer on USF’s career services website.

Other websites to consider for your ad: