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Brewed in Japan
May 7, 2015
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Bridging the Pacific

Pacific Rim Report

Pacific Rim Report, the Center for Asia Pacific Studies' occasional papers series, provides a forum for the discussion of significant topics and issues, presenting critical issues facing the Pacific Rim to a wide international audience and to domestic leaders in business, public policy, and academia.

The Center no longer provides printed copies of the Pacific Rim Report. Copies are available in PDF form below. Moving forward the Pacific Rim Report will only be published on an occasional basis.

(NOTE: An asterisk * indicates a Report produced by the Center's Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History in their trademark red livery.)

No 53: Trials, Burdens, and Triumphs in the Filipino Diaspora: Eight Tales by Cher S. Jimenez and Christian V. Esguerra

No. 52: China's Relations with Mexico and Cuba: A Study of Contrasts by Adrian H. Hearn

No. 51: Are the Geese Still Flying? Catch-up Industrialization in a Changing International Economic Environment by Inderjit N. Kaur

No. 50: Here Be Dragons: China in Western Eyes from the Jesuits to the Internet by Elisa Oreglia

No 49: The ‘Pacific Century’ Revisited: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Edward D. Melillo and Thomas S. Wilkins

No. 48: The Seeds of Modernity: Jesuit Natural Philosophy in Confucian Korea by Don Baker

No. 47: Overseas Migration: A Filipino ‘Fixture’ Forms a Nation’s Future by Jeremaiah Opiniano

No. 46: Competition or Complacency? Can the Phase-out of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement Spur Domestic Policy Reform in Asian Countries? by Sanchita Saxena

No. 45: The End of Global Empires by Niall Ferguson

No. 44: China's Crisis is America's Crisis: Common but Differentiated Responsibilities for the Pacific Rim Environment by Pamela Nagashima

* No. 43: Medicine and Culture Chinese-Western Medical Exchange (1644-ca.1950): Jesuits and Medicine in the Kangxi Court (1662-1722) [Keynote Talk] by Marta E. Hanson. Symposium Summation by Charlotte Furth

No. 42: Emotions under Local Nationalism: The Primordial Turn of Tibetan Intellectuals in China by Dan Smyer Yü

No. 41: The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola: Comparative Perspectives from Asia and the West; Symposium summary by Pamela Nagashima

No. 40: Learning to Learn Interreligiously: In Light of the Spiritual Exercises by Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

No. 39: Beyond Gump’s: The Unfolding Asian Identity of San Francisco by Kevin Starr

No. 38: Terrorism’s Pacific Gateway by Patrick Lloyd Hatcher

No. 37: Redefining Sovereignty: Monitoring the 1994 Mexican Elections by Arturo Santa-Cruz

No. 36: When Christianity and Lamaism Met: The Changing Fortunes of Early Western Missionaries in Tibet" by Hsiao-ting Lin

No. 35: "Preemptive Intelligence: How the Bush Administration Derailed Korea Policy" by Bruce Cumings

No. 34: "Jesuit Asia, Past and Present: India, China, and Japan" by Paul Rule

No. 33: "An American Tragedy", A Conversation with Chalmers Johnson conducted by Patrick Lloyd Hatcher

* No. 32: "The Chinese Rites Controversy: A Long Lasting Controversy in Sino-Western Cultural History", a Panel Discussion featuring Paul Rule, Claudia von Collani, and Eugenio Menegon

No. 31: "Right and Wrong Ways to Question Human Rights Universalism" by Edward Friedman

No. 30: "Is America an Empire? Should it Be One?" by Niall Ferguson

* No. 29: "Nourishing the Spirit: The Search for Meaning in Contemporary China", a Panel Discussion featuring Fan Lizhu, James D. Whitehead, and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead

No. 28: "Asia in the World Economy: Globalization, Growth, and the Changing Structure of Trade" by Sean Randolph

* No. 27: "Of the Mind and the Eye: Jesuit Artists in the Forbidden City in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" by Lauren Arnold and Elisabetta Corsi

No. 26: "Is the Human Rights Era Over? Reflections on the Asia-Pacific Post-September 11th", by Rosemary Foot

No. 25: "The Non-Duality of Good and Evil: Buddhist Reflections on the New Holy War" by David Loy,

* No. 24: "Nourishing the Spirit: Social Change and Spiritual Development in China Today", a Panel Discussion featuring Fan Lizhu, Peter Tze Ming Ng, James D. Whitehead, and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead

* No. 23: "'Home Afar': The Life of Central European Jewish Refugees in Shanghai during World War II" by Péter Vámos

No. 22: Gateways of Power: 21st Century Religion and Ritual in China, Tibet, and Japan - "What's So Powerful about Ritual?", keynote address by Catherine M. Bell, and Conference Summary by John Nelson,

No. 21: "Korea: Asia's Economic Phoenix", The 2001 Kiriyama Distinguished Lecture by Patrick Lloyd Hatcher,

No. 20: "China and America: Spy Planes, 'Papers', Cults, and the Future", A Kiriyama Pacific Rim Briefing featuring Orville Schell

* No. 19: Nourishing the Spirit: Social Change and Spiritual Development in China Today - "Social Change and Spiritual Development in China Today" by Richard P. Madsen; "Three Approaches to Spiritual Values" by Fenggang Yang; "Popular Religion in Shenzhen" by Lizhu Fan;"Nourishing the Spirit in China Today" by Diane Obenchain; and "The Three-Self (Protestant) Church and Chinese Christians Who do not Go to Church" by Zongkun Liu

No. 18: "The Korean Peninsula at the Dawn of a New Era", A Kiriyama Pacific Rim Briefing featuring Bruce Cumings

* No. 17: "Christianity in China: Growing on Holy Ground" by Paul A. Rule, and "Wisdom for the Journey: Historical Perspectives on the Inculturation of Christianity in China" by Nicolas Standaert, S.J., Keynote addresses from the 18th National Catholic China Conference.

No. 16: "Multi-Stakeholder Partnership in a Multi-Centered Region: A Recent Trend in Southeast Asia" by Joaquin L. Gonzalez III

No. 15: "Signs of Recovery for Japanese Nationalism? The 'Citizens' Movement' for Reclaiming Cultural Identity through Textbook and Educational Reform" by John K. Nelson

No. 14: "Asia: No Longer a Monolith: Part 2" featuring Michel Oksenberg

No. 13: "Asia: No Longer a Monolith: Part 1" featuring Robert A. Scalapino

* No. 12: China and Christianity: "Burdened Past, Hopeful Future" - "Chinese Higher Education and the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia" by David W. Vikner and "The Henry Luce Foundation: A Century of Service to Christianity and Higher Education in China" by H. Christopher Luce,

No.11 "Why the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty is in Trouble" by Chalmers Johnson, 1999.

No.10: "Buddhist Christian Dialogue: Promises and Pitfalls: A Conference Summary" edited with commentary by Mark Berkson, 1998.

No. 9: "In Defense of Dialogue: A Polemic Against Polemics" by Mark Berkson, 1998.

No. 8: "Bitter Medicine for Sick Tigers: The IMF and Asia’s Financial Crisis" by Shalendra D. Sharma, 1998.

No. 7: "The Cross-Taiwan Strait Dilemma: Danger and Opportunity": A Symposium Summary edited with commentary by Stephen Uhalley, Jr., 1998.

No. 6: "The Asia Pacific in the New Millennium" features the keynote address delivered by Robert A. Scalapino, 1997.

No. 5: "Hong Kong and Greater China" by Stephen Uhalley, Jr., 1997.

No. 4: "Hong Kong's Reversion and Its Impact on Greater China: A Conference Summary" edited by John Severance, 1997.

No. 3: "Japan's New Cultural Push Toward Asia: Partner, Hegemon, or Perpetual Outsider?" by Ivan P. Hall, 1996.

No. 2: "Human Rights and Cultural Values: The Political Philosophies of the Dalai Lama and the People's Republic of China" by C. John Powers, 1995.

No. 1: "The Empowerment of Asia" by Chalmers Johnson, 1995.