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Brewed in Japan
May 7, 2015
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Bridging the Pacific

Pacific Rim Report

Pacific Rim Report, the Center for Asia Pacific Studies' occasional papers series, provides a forum for the discussion of significant topics and issues, presenting critical issues facing the Pacific Rim to a wide international audience and to domestic leaders in business, public policy, and academia.

Many Pacific Rim Reports are still available in printed form; please feel free to request those that interest you. If you would like to subscribe to the print version of the Report, please sign up here.

(NOTE: An asterisk * indicates a Report produced by the Center's Ricci Instititute for Chinese-Western Cultural History in their trademark red livery.)

No 53: Trials, Burdens, and Triumphs in the Filipino Diaspora: Eight Tales by Cher S. Jimenez and Christian V. Esguerra

No. 52: China's Relations with Mexico and Cuba: A Study of Contrasts by Adrian H. Hearn

No. 51: Are the Geese Still Flying? Catch-up Industrialization in a Changing International Economic Environment by Inderjit N. Kaur

No. 50: Here Be Dragons: China in Western Eyes from the Jesuits to the Internet by Elisa Oreglia

No 49: The ‘Pacific Century’ Revisited: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Edward D. Melillo and Thomas S. Wilkins

No. 48: The Seeds of Modernity: Jesuit Natural Philosophy in Confucian Korea by Don Baker

No. 47: Overseas Migration: A Filipino ‘Fixture’ Forms a Nation’s Future by Jeremaiah Opiniano

No. 46: Competition or Complacency? Can the Phase-out of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement Spur Domestic Policy Reform in Asian Countries? by Sanchita Saxena

No. 45: The End of Global Empires by Niall Ferguson

No. 44: China's Crisis is America's Crisis: Common but Differentiated Responsibilities for the Pacific Rim Environment by Pamela Nagashima

* No. 43: Medicine and Culture Chinese-Western Medical Exchange (1644-ca.1950): Jesuits and Medicine in the Kangxi Court (1662-1722) [Keynote Talk] by Marta E. Hanson. Symposium Summation by Charlotte Furth

No. 42: Emotions under Local Nationalism: The Primordial Turn of Tibetan Intellectuals in China by Dan Smyer Yü

No. 41: The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola: Comparative Perspectives from Asia and the West; Symposium summary by Pamela Nagashima

No. 40: Learning to Learn Interreligiously: In Light of the Spiritual Exercises by Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

No. 39: Beyond Gump’s: The Unfolding Asian Identity of San Francisco by Kevin Starr

No. 38: Terrorism’s Pacific Gateway by Patrick Lloyd Hatcher

No. 37: Redefining Sovereignty: Monitoring the 1994 Mexican Elections by Arturo Santa-Cruz

No. 36: When Christianity and Lamaism Met: The Changing Fortunes of Early Western Missionaries in Tibet" by Hsiao-ting Lin

No. 35: "Preemptive Intelligence: How the Bush Administration Derailed Korea Policy" by Bruce Cumings

No. 34: "Jesuit Asia, Past and Present: India, China, and Japan" by Paul Rule

No. 33: "An American Tragedy", A Conversation with Chalmers Johnson conducted by Patrick Lloyd Hatcher

* No. 32: "The Chinese Rites Controversy: A Long Lasting Controversy in Sino-Western Cultural History", a Panel Discussion featuring Paul Rule, Claudia von Collani, and Eugenio Menegon

No. 31: "Right and Wrong Ways to Question Human Rights Universalism" by Edward Friedman

No. 30: "Is America an Empire? Should it Be One?" by Niall Ferguson

* No. 29: "Nourishing the Spirit: The Search for Meaning in Contemporary China", a Panel Discussion featuring Fan Lizhu, James D. Whitehead, and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead

No. 28: "Asia in the World Economy: Globalization, Growth, and the Changing Structure of Trade" by Sean Randolph

* No. 27: "Of the Mind and the Eye: Jesuit Artists in the Forbidden City in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" by Lauren Arnold and Elisabetta Corsi

No. 26: "Is the Human Rights Era Over? Reflections on the Asia-Pacific Post-September 11th", by Rosemary Foot

No. 25: "The Non-Duality of Good and Evil: Buddhist Reflections on the New Holy War" by David Loy,

* No. 24: "Nourishing the Spirit: Social Change and Spiritual Development in China Today", a Panel Discussion featuring Fan Lizhu, Peter Tze Ming Ng, James D. Whitehead, and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead

* No. 23: "'Home Afar': The Life of Central European Jewish Refugees in Shanghai during World War II" by Péter Vámos

No. 22: Gateways of Power: 21st Century Religion and Ritual in China, Tibet, and Japan - "What's So Powerful about Ritual?", keynote address by Catherine M. Bell, and Conference Summary by John Nelson,

No. 21: "Korea: Asia's Economic Phoenix", The 2001 Kiriyama Distinguished Lecture by Patrick Lloyd Hatcher,

No. 20: "China and America: Spy Planes, 'Papers', Cults, and the Future", A Kiriyama Pacific Rim Briefing featuring Orville Schell

* No. 19: Nourishing the Spirit: Social Change and Spiritual Development in China Today - "Social Change and Spiritual Development in China Today" by Richard P. Madsen; "Three Approaches to Spiritual Values" by Fenggang Yang; "Popular Religion in Shenzhen" by Lizhu Fan;"Nourishing the Spirit in China Today" by Diane Obenchain; and "The Three-Self (Protestant) Church and Chinese Christians Who do not Go to Church" by Zongkun Liu

No. 18: "The Korean Peninsula at the Dawn of a New Era", A Kiriyama Pacific Rim Briefing featuring Bruce Cumings

* No. 17: "Christianity in China: Growing on Holy Ground" by Paul A. Rule, and "Wisdom for the Journey: Historical Perspectives on the Inculturation of Christianity in China" by Nicolas Standaert, S.J., Keynote addresses from the 18th National Catholic China Conference.

No. 16: "Multi-Stakeholder Partnership in a Multi-Centered Region: A Recent Trend in Southeast Asia" by Joaquin L. Gonzalez III

No. 15: "Signs of Recovery for Japanese Nationalism? The 'Citizens' Movement' for Reclaiming Cultural Identity through Textbook and Educational Reform" by John K. Nelson

No. 14: "Asia: No Longer a Monolith: Part 2" featuring Michel Oksenberg

No. 13: "Asia: No Longer a Monolith: Part 1" featuring Robert A. Scalapino

* No. 12: China and Christianity: "Burdened Past, Hopeful Future" - "Chinese Higher Education and the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia" by David W. Vikner and "The Henry Luce Foundation: A Century of Service to Christianity and Higher Education in China" by H. Christopher Luce,

No.11 "Why the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty is in Trouble" by Chalmers Johnson, 1999.

No.10: "Buddhist Christian Dialogue: Promises and Pitfalls: A Conference Summary" edited with commentary by Mark Berkson, 1998.

No. 9: "In Defense of Dialogue: A Polemic Against Polemics" by Mark Berkson, 1998.

No. 8: "Bitter Medicine for Sick Tigers: The IMF and Asia’s Financial Crisis" by Shalendra D. Sharma, 1998.

No. 7: "The Cross-Taiwan Strait Dilemma: Danger and Opportunity": A Symposium Summary edited with commentary by Stephen Uhalley, Jr., 1998.

No. 6: "The Asia Pacific in the New Millennium" features the keynote address delivered by Robert A. Scalapino, 1997.

No. 5: "Hong Kong and Greater China" by Stephen Uhalley, Jr., 1997.

No. 4: "Hong Kong's Reversion and Its Impact on Greater China: A Conference Summary" edited by John Severance, 1997.

No. 3: "Japan's New Cultural Push Toward Asia: Partner, Hegemon, or Perpetual Outsider?" by Ivan P. Hall, 1996.

No. 2: "Human Rights and Cultural Values: The Political Philosophies of the Dalai Lama and the People's Republic of China" by C. John Powers, 1995.

No. 1: "The Empowerment of Asia" by Chalmers Johnson, 1995.