Bollywood Nation
August 26, 2014
5 - 6:30 p.m.
McLaren Conference Center 250 
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Bridging the Pacific bridge and city at night
Ship and skyline
Entering a Japanese temple through round door
riverfront market
Japanese temple on the water
chinese market
Shanghai skyline
Korean women in bright dresses
boat vendors
Airport sign with destinations


The Center for Asia Pacific Studies at the University of San Francisco promotes understanding, communication, and cooperation among the nations, peoples, and economies of the Pacific Rim. 

Engaged with the San Francisco Bay Area's Pacific Rim-oriented business and non-profit communities, and "bridging the Pacific" with its many activities, the Center for Asia Pacific Studies is committed to the enduring value of the Jesuit tradition in public service and humanities education.

Public Programs

Since its founding in 1988 the Center has been at the forefront of public education about the Pacific Rim in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Center presents timely seminars, lectures, and international conferences on a wide range of Asia-related subjects. Almost all Center events are free to the public. Several upcoming events are always posted on the Center's homepage, but for a complete listing or to learn about past events, visit our Public Events Calendar page. 

The Ricci Institute

The Center includes the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History, an important center of scholarly research with a special focus on the history of Christianity in China and East-West cultural contacts as mediated by the Jesuits and other missionaries. A large research library, primarily in Asian languages, and a unique internet database project are just part of the Institute's resources and projects. 

Executive Advisory Board

The Center's Executive Advisory Board represents the close links between the San Francisco Bay Area business and non-profit communities and the Center for Asia Pacific Studies. The Board's distinguished members advise the Center on trends and developments in the Bay Area and in the Pacific Rim at large.

Pacific Rim Currents

The Center's annual review publication, Pacific Rim Currents, appears every September with a complete update on all of the Center's activities of the previous year. Although highlights are available online, the best way to enjoy Currents is to subscribe!