Brewed in Japan
Brewed in Japan
May 7, 2015
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Bridging the Pacific

We've Changed Our Name

Center for Asia Pacific Studies logo

The Center for the Pacific Rim is now the Center for Asia Pacific Studies. Uniting the various departments and programs across the University of San Francisco that focus on East Asia, India, and the Philippines, the center's new name and branding will inject our work with a renewed sense of academic excellence and relevancy to the state of the field today. "Asia Pacific" better defines the geographic and cultural focus of our work and our efforts to facilitate academic dialogue across the Pacific. Moreover, adopting this new name will allow the center to align more closely with its Master in Asia Pacific Studies program and to highlight our research and programmatic strengths.

This fall, we are delighted to present a series of academic programs designed to showcase the center's mission of increasing cultural competency and understanding of the Asia Pacific among the USF campus community and beyond. For more information on our upcoming programs, please join our email list.