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  • Catholic Educational Leadership Program, (415)422-6226
  • Center for Child and Family Development, (415)239-9300
  • Counseling Psychology Department, (415)422-6868
  • Curriculum Resource Center, (415)422-2292
  • Digital Media & Learning Program, (415)422-5290
  • Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership, (415)422-6226
  • International and Multicultural Education Department, (415)422-6878
  • Department of Leadership Studies, (415)422-6226, (415)422-6551
  • Learning and Instruction Department, (415)422-6289
  • Organization and Leadership Program, (415)422-6551
  • Special Education Internship Program, (415)422-2099
  • Teacher Education Department, (415)422-6481
  • Upward Bound, (415)422-6476


General Objectives

The School offers certificate, master's, and doctoral programs in seven areas: Counseling Psychology, International and Multicultural Education, Learning and Instruction, Organization and Leadership, Catholic Educational Leadership, Teacher Education, and Educational Technology. Many of the School's masters and credential programs are also offered at a number of regional Campuses throughout the greater Bay Area.

All activities of the School seek to link instruction, research, and service in a manner which reflects the intellectual, ethical, and service traditions of a Jesuit institution: to honor education as an instrument for the full growth of individuals, and to commit to further standards of excellence in academic and service programs. The pervading philosophy implicit in the School's planning and developing efforts affirms hope in the human effort to achieve a better society and demonstrates a commitment to ameliorate social conditions that are obstacles to justice for all.

The School of Education attracts experienced professionals who wish to acquire new skills and to enhance their leadership capabilities. Most courses are taught on weekday evenings and Saturdays. The scheduling of courses meets most students' needs and reinforces the School's commitment to use student experiences as a resource for learning. Many of our Master's and Doctoral degree programs are designed specifically for students seeking credentials or licensure in a wide array of teaching, counseling psychology, and school administration areas. The School is particularly committed to providing programs responsive to the needs of the racially, ethically, and linguistically diverse population of the San Francisco Bay Area, though its interest extends beyond this region. This commitment is reflected in programs that prepare students to assume leadership roles in public, private and independent schools, colleges and universities, mental health and counseling centers, human service and government agencies, and corporations.


Students may begin work concurrently on their Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) and a preliminary basic credential program while pursuing their bachelor's degree (Dual Degree) in the liberal arts and sciences (collaborative program between the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences). The Teacher Education program encourages applicants to contact its program office prior to pursuing this option.

Many of the School's students are working professionals who wish to acquire new skills and enhance their leadership capabilities by enrolling in credential and/or degree programs. These students prepare to serve in a variety of roles such as teachers, curriculum developers and supervisors, administrators, counselors, therapists, private consultants, and as business managers and trainers. Special facilities within the School of Education - the Center for Instruction and Technology, the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership and the Center for Child and Family Development - complement the academic curriculum by providing research and fieldwork settings for the development of specific skills and evaluation techniques. They also enhance students' career opportunities.