Student Housing and Residential Education

The Student Housing and Residential Education (SHaRE) office oversees six residence halls and one condo-style apartment complex. A variety of living options are available to accommodate the diverse student population attending USF. Residents can choose to live in one of the Learning Communities, such as the Global Residential Community, Erasmus Community, St. Ignatius Institute, Martín-Baró Scholars Community, and Esther Madriz Diversity Scholars.

Each residence hall offers different character and capacity. Gillson Hall and Hayes-Healy Hall each housing 400 students, cater to the specific needs of traditional-age, first-year students in single-sex floors constituting co-ed communities. Phelan Hall is the largest and houses 500 students comprised of first and second year students. It is also home to the St. Ignatius Institute community. Phelan Hall has co-ed floors throughout the building. Lone Mountain Hall and Lone Mountain Pacific Wing house 250 students who have a sophomore class standing, but are under the age of 21. Fromm Hall, the former Jesuit residence, is home to 175 women of mixed classes and ages. The first 3 floors house female students with a freshman or sophomore class standing. Fromm’s 5th floor is specifically designated for students wishing to maintain the all-female experience on-campus. The 5th floor is open to female students of all class levels and does not permit overnight guests of the opposite sex. Pedro Arrupe Hall houses 100 returning students with at least a sophomore class standing and is located about one mile (1.5km) from main campus. Pedro Arrupe is home to the Global Residential Community.

In each of the living environments, all residents benefit from a predictable room-and-board cost with all utilities included; educational programs and social activities where students can become involved with their peers; and student leadership opportunities at the floor, hall, and campus-wide levels.

Resident Advisors, graduate student Assistant Residence Hall Directors, and full-time professional Residence Hall Directors are available in each residence hall to assist residents in adjusting to student life, creating their community environments, and ensuring safety and security in the residential areas. Resident Ministry Interns, often graduate students, also reside in each hall and provide support and spiritual guidance. Staff and residents alike regularly address lessons of tolerance, understanding, negotiation, citizenship, and cooperation.

USF also offers condo-style living options close to campus for students who have a junior class standing or are 21 by the close of the Academic Year. University condominiums are fully furnished. Fulton House is located adjacent to campus and provides a home living environment for 12 students who have sophomore class standing and are under 21yrs old. Loyola Village is a complex of condominiums that house over 340 students together with a select group of faculty, staff, and peers, in a variety of sites and floorplans, ranging from studios to three-bedroom units. Loyola Village is staffed by a full-time professional Residence Hall Director, a graduate student Assistant Residence Hall Director, Resident Advisors, and a Resident Ministry Intern to assist students in forming a community that inspires academic achievement, personal growth, and social responsibility. Students living in condo-style housing are held to the highest standards of community responsibility.

University Residency Requirement

All new undergraduate students admitted for the Fall with 40 transfer credits or less will be required to live on campus for their first two semesters of enrollment at USF. Returning students will not be required to live on campus. Exemptions from this requirement may be granted to students living at home with their parents if their family's permanent address is within a 40-mile radius of campus, or for medical or financial hardships as determined by Student Housing and Residential Education. All requests for an exemption must be made through USFrooms (online) and supporting documents submitted to the SHaRE office.
SHaRE also coordinates Summer Guest Housing, a program that furthers the realization of the University's Vision, Mission, and Values by providing housing accommodations and support services for conference groups with educational, spiritual, or social justice based programs. In addition, Summer Guest Housing supports the growth of USF students by providing professional development opportunities that emphasize value and skill development in team building, communication, problem solving, customer service, appreciation of diversity, and conflict management.

Student Housing and Residential Education (SHaRE) is located in the University Center, 5th floor and can be reached by calling (415) 422-6824, e-mail at , or by visiting us on the web at

On-Campus Room and Board Policies

Note: Please consult section on Student Expenses in this catalog for room and board rates and prepayment information.

  1. All new undergraduate students admitted for the Fall with 40 transfer credits or less will be required to live on campus for their first two semesters of enrollment at USF and purchase a meal plan. Exemptions from this requirement are granted to students living with their parents who reside at their permanent residence within a 40-mile radius of the USF campus and who complete an Exemption Form, available through USFrooms online.
  2. A Contract for University Operated Housing must be signed by any student who elects or is required to live in the residence halls. Students who sign a contract and do not move into their assigned space will be charged the entire amount of their contract. This requirement will apply unless the student is released from his or her contract by the Assistant Director of Student Housing and Residential Education or designee. Students must submit a Contract Cancellation Form available from the SHaRE office, University Center 5th Floor. Please call (415) 422-6824 for more information.
  3. The Contract for University Operated Housing includes room and board during the time period specified in the contract. Summer accommodations are available to students who are attending summer school classes and submit a Summer Housing Contract Agreement with SHaRE, UC 5th Floor.
  4. Resident meal plans include the option of dining in any campus facility that accepts Flexi-Cash.
  5. Additional policies are included in the Contract Agreement for On-Campus Residence and the University Fogcutter.