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HS  180 - Environmental Health and Nursing (2)

This nursing-focused course is designed to introduce the student to a wide range of human health risks associated with the environment, including exposure from air, water, food, and products. Students will learn to integrate environmental health knowledge and skills into the nursing process. They will learn where to find asnd how to apply credible environmental health science into their clinical practice.
College restricted to School of Nursing.

HS  190 - Food Myth Busters (4)

Is coconut water healthy? Do you need to take a multivitamin? Can I eat the yolk? Vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo-? What is the best diet for human health? Is eating meat bad for the environment? Explore questions like this and more in this seminar on nutrition. Learn the basics of food and nutrition, discuss the impacts of diet and health, and tackle the current controversies and research in the field of nutrition.

HS  301 - Death and Dying: Exploring New Paradigms (4)

This interdisciplinary course examines end of life issues in our contemporary culture through various models: biomedical/technological, theological/spiritual/religious, diversity/multicultural, and ethical. Students are encouraged to question and challenge prevailing structures, models, beliefs, and ethical questions, while integrating new perspectives of death and dying. A strong service leaning component will engage the student in applying the new information, reinforcing individual learning while expanding the collective classroom experience ultimately creating the possibility for new end of life paradigms.

HS  400 - Introduction to the American Healthcare System (3)

This course examines selected U.S. healthcare issues as well as major participants in the healthcare delivery system. Various aspects related to cost and quality of care, healthcare providers, accessing care, and regulations are included as well as a review of current legislative and policy initiatives.
College restricted to School of Nursing.

HS  401 - Leadership in Healthcare Organizations (4)

This course explores the healthcare organization as a system and the role that leaders play in providing safe and effective patient care. Various organizational, leadership and management theories, including those related to conflict resolution, change, data collection, employee management, and quality management will be used to analyze issues in healthcare organizations.
College restricted to School of Nursing.