MSBH Curriculum Pattern

Fall 2014 Curriculum Pattern

PSYD 728 Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care 3 units
MPH 612   Biostatistics in Public Health 4 units
BH 613 Program Development and Evaluation in Behavioral Health 2 units
BH 611 Fundamental Community Health Concepts 3 units
BH 610 Foundations of Behavioral Health Practice 2 units
  Semester Total 
14 units
BH 620 Survey of Physical and Psychological Disease and Treatment 4 units
NURS 765 Project and Practice Management 3 units
BH 623 Team Leadership and inter-professional Collaboration 2 units
BH 621     Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Behavioral Health 2 units
BH 625 Behavioral Health Fieldwork I: Planning and Development 1 unit
  Semester Total 
12 units
NURS 704 Healthcare Informatics 3 units
MPH 622 Communicating for Healthy Behavior and Social Change 4 units
BH 635 Behavioral Health Fieldwork II: Implementation and Evaluation 1 unit
  Semester Total 
8 units
34 units

Course descriptions are available in the catalog.