Master of Science in Information Systems

Program Director:
Stephen Morris Ed. D.

The effective and efficient use of information technology is an integral part of an organization's ability to achieve a competitive advantage in both the private and public sectors. Ethical practices and professionalism are integrated components throughout the program, along with a focus on essential career development skills and effective management of human resources. The program, based upon nationally approved curriculum recommendations from the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), is updated frequently. Students may optionally select a special emphasis area in Information Security or Biotechnology.

Program Objectives

Graduates of the MSIS program will be prepared to provide leadership in the Information Systems field. It is a professional degree that:

  • Integrates information and organizational cultures; focusing on current and emerging concepts from both technical and managerial viewpoints.
  • Addresses the need of organizations to integrate disparate internal systems in order to create effective communication channels with external parties such as suppliers and customers.
  • Promotes the ability to use information technology to foster sound financial systems, to create more effective organizational structures, and to better manage an organization's human capital.
  • Investigates how policy and strategic decisions are affected by information systems and how technology is transforming organizations.
  • Improves people, business, and team skills, while emphasizing a customer service orientation, ethics and professionalism.

The MSIS curriculum analyzes how systems and technologies are implemented. This includes information security, project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and change management.

MSIS graduates make vital contributions in support of innovation, planning, management of information infra-structures, and the coordination of information resources. The need for information systems professionals with systems management and development expertise continues to grow.

Program Requirements

The MSIS curriculum includes 36 semester credits (12 courses). Students must also demonstrate computer proficiency through academic background or professional training.

Required courses are sequenced as follows
*MSIS 631, MSIS 648, and MSIS 656 are waived if you opt for a concentration in Biotechnology or Information Security.


Degree Requirements

  • Completion of all major coursework with a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA