Executive MBA

The USF Executive MBA is an accelerated program designed to prepare experienced professionals to become successful executives in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing business world. Along with rigorous courses in traditional disciplines, we prepare you to lead complex projects that cut across established boundaries, and to utilize both analytical and creative skills to address multi-faceted business problems.

At USF, you will learn from a top-tier faculty, from a diverse and highly motivated group of fellow students, and from professionals and executives from the San Francisco Bay Area's vibrant business community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain competencies to successfully lead productive, collaborative teams and organizations that thrive in changing markets.
  • Articulate problem statements with clear scope, depth, direction, and deliverables
  • Create effective narratives about businesses, products, services, and recommended courses of action
  • Craft and deliver summaries, reports, and presentations that are clear, concise, cohesive, and persuasive
  • Conduct analysis in the context of classical operations management challenges and to effectively interpret results
  • Understand environmental factors affecting global business, which include political, regulatory, economic, technological and cultural factors, as well as competitive forces in global competition
  • Understand key practices of managing a global company to gain competitive advantages

Program Requirements