University Aid

Competitive Scholarships

University Scholars

New freshmen applicants who have demonstrated extraordinary scholarship and aptitude, based on their academic grade point average and SAT scores or ACT scores (a minimum grade point average of 3.8 as calculated by the USF Office of Admission, and a minimum combined SAT test score of 1320, or a minimum ACT test score of 30), are invited to enter USF as University Scholars. Scholars receive a renewable scholarship that pays a substantial portion of the cost of the academic year's full-time tuition for up to eight semesters of undergraduate study at USF. In 2013/2014, University Scholars received up to $20,000 per year. To be considered, applicants for admission must apply no later than January 15 for the following academic year.
Renewal is automatic as long as scholars achieve a grade point average of 3.25 for each semester's work.
** SAT scores are combined Math and Critical Reading (Verbal). ACT scores can be used if no SAT scores are available, or if higher than the combined SAT scores.**

USF Academic Merit Award

New Freshmen applicants for timely admission (January 15th deadline) who did not qualify for University Scholars may be eligible for one of three merit based awards. Awards are based on incoming GPA and test scores and are limited to eight semesters of undergraduate study at USF. A student cannot be awarded from both University Scholars and USF Academic Merit Awards. Renewal is automatic as long as a 2.5 GPA is maintained at the end of every academic year.

Transfer Scholars

New undergraduate applicants admitted to a Professional Degree program in the School of Management may be eligible for admission to the University as Transfer Scholars. Scholarships, based on academic performance, provide $1,250 a semester for up to four semesters of full- and part-time study at USF. Eligible applicants will be notified at the time of admission.

Garnetta "Net" Dunnigan Scholarship

The University awards this scholarship, named in honor of the late Garnetta Dunnigan, forelady at the Levi Strauss Valencia Street plant, to an undergraduate in the School of Nursing and Health Professions. The selection process gives priority to Levi Strauss plant or distribution center employees and their dependents. The FAFSA is required.

ROTC Scholarship

For students willing to serve as officers after graduation, Army ROTC offers two-, three- and four-year scholarships that provide assistance for tuition, fees, books and supplies and other reasonable educational expenses. The program has a special interest in students preparing for careers in nursing and the sciences, but applications are welcome from students in all academic programs. For information, contact the USF Military Science Department, (415) 422-6405.

ROTC Room and Board Scholarship

The University offers room and board scholarships to a limited number of ROTC scholarship cadets living in campus housing. The Chair of the USF Military Science Department identifies eligible members of the Dons' Battalion. For information, contact the USF Military Science Department, (415) 422-6405.

University Tuition Grants and Named Scholarships

The University provides tuition assistance to undergraduate students through its Tuition Grant Program. In addition, alumni and friends of the University have provided funds for tuition scholarship programs. Individual scholarships may be intended to benefit students pursuing a particular major or those who have achieved a specific GPA, but they all require a demonstrated financial need.

New students interested in applying for the coming fall semester must file the FAFSA (or California Dream Act Application) by February 1 and be admitted with a minimum incoming 3.35 GPA. Continuing students must complete the FAFSA by March 2 and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

The tuition scholarship program is supported by generous gifts to the following endowed and contributed funds:

Annual Contributed Scholarship Funds
Accounting Council Scholarship
Alpha Sigma Nu Scholarship
Alumni Legacy Annual Scholarship
Bauer Foundation Fund for Study Abroad
Sr. Mary Beata Bauman Fund
Dante Benedetti Baseball Scholarship
Blum Foundation Law Scholarship
Marshall Blum Memorial Rotary Scholarship
Nate Bologna Baseball Scholarship
Ingo Boudewyn Electronic Media Scholarship
Bru Brunnier Rotary Scholarship
California Wellness Foundation Scholarship
Frank Campini Foundation CPS Scholarship
Tom Caruso MBA Study Tour Scholarship
Class of 2004 Scholarship
Class of 2005 Scholarship
Class of 2007 Scholarship for Social Justice
College of Professional Studies Alumni Scholarship
Bruce Diaso Memorial St. Ignatius Institute Loan Fund
Bruce Diaso Scholarship - Law School
Gus Donoghue Living Soccer Scholarship
Joseph Drown Foundation Scholarship/Loan Fund
Dean C. Durbrow Memorial Fund
Richard & Marie Farrell Athletic Scholarship
General Athletic Scholarship
General Law Scholarship
General University Scholarship
Ray Gennolio Physics Scholarship
Vito A. Giotta Emergency Loan Fund
Green and Gold Athletic Scholarship
Fr. Paul Harney Fellowship
Katherine Horn Business Scholarship
Hospitality Management Scholarship
Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management (INOM) Alumni Society Scholarship
Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management Scholarships
Herbert C. Jensen '49 Scholarship
James S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Philip Kottler Law Scholarship
Law Enforcement Leadership Scholarship
Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Program
Mr. & Mrs. Sze Lee Hospitality Scholarship
Mike and Millie Lehmann Scholarship
Luce Foundation Scholarship for Women in Science and English
Marini Family Trust Scholarship
Fr. John Martin Education Scholarship
George Henry Mayr Trust Scholarship
McGowan Telecommunications Scholarships
McLaren General Scholarship
MSIS Scholarship
Ann T. Muenk Memorial CPS Scholarship
William Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Edward M. Nagel Scholarship
North Bay Regional Alumni Scholarship
Nursing Scholarship
Valerie Lynn Van Teslaar Oak Nursing Scholarship
Robert O'Brien Scholarship
Bernard Osher Foundation Scholarships
Larry Palmatier Memorial Education Scholarship
Peninsula Silicon Valley Alumni Regional Scholarship
Douglas M. Raskin Memorial Scholarship
Riccardo P. Molinari Scholarship
John Richardson Memorial Scholarship
Richmond Environmental Action Scholarship
Robert F. Begley Leadership Scholarship
Pete Rozelle Athletic Scholarship
Ruff Family Scholarship
Sacramento Regional Alumni Scholarship
Saber es Poder Scholarship
San Francisco Alumni Regional Scholarship
San Francisco Legal Auxiliary Law Scholarship
San Ramon Regional CPS Scholarship
Gertrude C. Schindler Memorial Nursing Scholarship
John Scully Memorial Law Scholarship
Soccer Scholarship
Wellie Stephens Scholarship
Brad Swope Scholarship
TCA Telecommunications Scholarship
Sr. Mary Peter Travis Scholarship
USF African-American Scholarship
Victoria Heinen St. Ignatius Institute Loan Fund
Ding-Chang Wu Scholarship
Albert J. Zabala Fellowship in Theology

Endowed Scholarship Funds
Alfred P. Alessandri Scholarship
Aguilar Saber es poder Scholarship
Joseph J. and Vera A. Allen Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Paul Archbold Memorial Law Scholarship
Gregory Arnoff Scholarship for Study Abroad
ASUSF Scholarship
Edward Bacciocco Jr. Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Edward V. Baraty Sr. Scholarship
Anthony and Elena Barbieri Endowed Scholarship
Barbieri Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Harry & Marguerite Bardt Scholarship
Fr. John H. Martin Barracks Gang Scholarship
Arthur J. Barrett, Jr. Law School Scholarship
W.F. and Marie A. Batton Foundation Scholarship
Frank L. Beach Memorial
Adolph A. Becker Theology Scholarship
Gene & Dante John Benedetti Endowed Scholarship
Bernadicou Family Scholarship
Virginia Berry Scholarship
A. Russell Berti Law Scholarship
Dr. Mariana Bertola Nursing Scholarship
John Bible Law Scholarships
Elizabeth Bigelow Scholarship
Katherine Black Scholarship
Clifford Hayfer Bloom Scholarship
Fr. Andrew Boss, S.J., Labor Management Scholarship
David & Marie Breault Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Frederick Breier Scholarship
Constantino & Carmelita Bricca Memorial Scholarship
Donald R. Brophy Law Scholarship
Edward A. & Elizabeth Brown Nursing Scholarship
Carrie Baum Browning Scholarship
Albert Buchner Scholarship
Buckley Educational Foundation Endowed Fund
Christopher A. and Estelle M. Buckley, Jr. Scholarship
Fr. Cornelius M. Buckley Scholarship
Lily M. and Henry J. Budde Scholarship
Barbara Bundy Asia Pacific Scholarship
Fr. Lloyd Burns, S.J., Scholarship
George Cadenasso Scholarship
Fr. Francis Callahan, S.J., Memorial Scholarship
Callison Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Bernard & Helen Carr Scholarship
James E. Casassa Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Cassou-Shan MBA Scholarship
Chemistry Endowed Scholarship
Alfred and Virginia Chicchi Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1939 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1941 Scholarship
Class of 1942 Scholarship
Classes of 1943 and 1944 Scholarship
Class of 1948 Scholarship
Class of 1949 Scholarhips
Class of 1950 Scholarship
Class of 1953 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1954 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1959 Law Scholarships
Class of 1968 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1988 Scholarship
Class of 1991 Senior Scholarship
Eugene Clifford Law Scholarship
J. Hart Clinton Scholarship
Rev. Alexander Cody, S.J., Perpetual Scholarship
James W. Coffroth Trust Scholarship
David Cohen Memorial Scholarship
Coit Marketing Scholarship
Francis J. Colligan Scholarship
George Connell Athletic Scholarship
George Connell Scholarship
Fr. John F.X. Connolly, S.J., Scholarship
Daniel Levine Cook Law Scholarship
Evelyn Louise Cook Scholarship
William G. Corrigan Fellowship
Geraldine Crawford Nursing Scholarship
Cruise-Pidgeon Loan Endowment
Genevieve de Dampierre Scholarship
Marie de Dampierre Scholarship
Christian de Guigne Chemistry Scholarship
Delgado-Olvera Hispanic Scholarship
Patricia & Leonard Delmas Athletic Scholarship
Del Monte Corporation Scholarship
James & Catherine DeMartini Scholarship
Stephanie & Michael Dempniak Scholarship
DeRosa Family Nursing Scholarship
Betty DeRosa Nursing Scholarship
Bruce Diaso Scholarship
Mary K. Dimig, Gertrude M. Dimig and Bertha M. Flake Endowed Scholarship
James & Gloria Doherty Athletic Endowment
Mr. & Mrs. Seth C. Drake Scholarship
James Duane Law Scholarship
Fr. William Dunne, S.J., Scholarship
Garnetta "Net" Dunnigan Scholarship
Lois & James Eaquinta Scholarship
Professor Raymond R. Early Scholarship
Ellissondo Emergency Nursing Loan Fund
Adrien J. Falk Scholarship
Joseph A. Farry Law Scholarship
Joseph C. Favilla, Jr., Scholarship
Luke and John Fay Scholarship
Fr. Raymond Feely, S.J., Scholarship
Richard Fenton Endowed Law Scholarship
Br. William I. Ferrill, S.J., Scholarship
James T. Finlen, Sr. Scholarship
Lois Fish Memorial Law Scholarship
Judge Timothy Fitzpatrick Law Scholarship
Flynn-Parina Athletic Scholarship
Walter & Lily Fong Endowed Hospitality Scholarship
Aldo Fontana Scholarship
Frank I. Ford Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Ida Friend Memorial Scholarship
The Arthur Furst Scholarship
Thomas P. & Etta L. Garrity Scholarship
Anthony Geraldi Memorial Scholarship
Fr. John F. Giambastiani Endowed Athletic Scholarship
A.P. Giannini Fund Scholarship
George P. Gillson Fund Scholarship
Mary E. Marron Giovannetti Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Carl & Florence Glade Memorial Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Glesener Scholarship
Stephen Ford Glynn Memorial Scholarship
Paula Gmelch Endowed Scholarship
J Michael and Sheila Goodwin Scholarship
Golden/Stuke Memorial Scholarship
Charles L. Gould Memorial Scholarship
Conrad J. Grieder Law Scholarship
Richard Grillo Law Scholarship
John J. Grimes Memorial Athletic Scholarship
The Crescent Porter Hale Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Mabel Eugenie Hale CPS Scholarship
Handlery Hotels Hospitality Management Scholarship
Katherine & Edward Handley Scholarship Endowment
Edward & June Harding Endowed Scholarship
Charles L. & Pauline E. Harney Scholarship
Harold A. Harper Scholarship
John Francis & Ramona Hayes Healy Scholarship
Arthur J. & Catherine R. Healy Memorial Law Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst INOM Endowed Scholarship
John E. Hogan Endowment
Martha Hogan Bay Area Women's Scholarship
Hoke-La Chapelle Nursing Scholarship
Robert M. Holstein, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
James & Carol Hurley Scholarship
Fr. John Hurley, S.J., Scholarship
Imamura Fellowship for Asian Studies
Joseph and Anna Isidore Memorial Scholarship
August P. Johnsen Athletic Scholarship
Mack Johnson Business Scholarship
Mrs. Barbara Jostes Scholarship
Kamiya Endowed Scholarship for Japanese Language
William Michael Kelly Scholarship
Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Scholarship
Wilhelmine Klosowski Law Scholarship
Joe Kuharich Memorial Scholarship
Francis A. '31 & Jean Y. Lagomarsino Scholarship
George P. Lauvinger Scholarship
Joseph & Nellie Lawlar Scholarship
Albert and Mae Lee Memorial Fund
Stella Leviston Nursing Scholarship
Haroldine Liggins Scholarship
Ashbrook and Hilda Lincoln Baseball Scholarship
Ashbrook and Hilda Lincoln Basketball Scholarship
Ashbrook and Hilda Lincoln History Scholarship
Ashbrook and Hilda Lincoln Liberal Arts Scholarship
Bernard E. Lockart Nursing Scholarship
Lone Mountain Legacy Endowed Scholarship
Fr. John Lo Schiavo, S.J., Scholarship
Loyola Guild Scholarship
Fr. George Lucey, S.J., Scholarship
Lloyd Luckmann Memorial Scholarship
Loyola Guild Scholarship
Belle Macdonald, Glen and Annette Allen Memorial Scholarship
MacIsaac-Baker Nursing Scholarship
Frank D. Madison Law Scholarship
Malcewicz Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Joseph and Emily Malcewicz Scholarship
Caesar J. Mannelli Scholarship
Maraschi St. Ignatius Institute Scholarship
Marini Family Trust Scholarships:
Marini Family
Annie Marini
Frank Marini
Jennie Marini
Margaret Marini
Rose Marini
Marini Memorial Scholarship
The Markey Scholarship
Bernard Martin Business Scholarship
Edward W. Mason Scholarship
Mason Family Scholarship
George H. Mayr Endowed Scholarship
Florence M. McAuliffe Law Scholarship
John P. McCabe Scholarship
William H. McCarthy Scholarship
McCarthy-Martin Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Rev. Edwin J. McDermott, S.J. Scholars Fund
James & Joseph McDevitt Scholarship
Sr. M. Geraldine McDonnell, S.M., Nursing Scholarship
Edward McFetridge Memorial Scholarship
Vivian F. McGoldrick Nursing Scholarship
James and Myrna McKenna Accounting Scholarship
McLaren Endowed Scholarship
Robert A. Mellin Endowed Scholarship
Mary & George Metge Scholarship
Diana Alessandri Meyer Scholarship
Archbishop Mitty Scholarship
Frances Monet Carter Scholarship
Pierre Monteux Scholarship
Ellen Hart Morrison Scholarship
May Treat Morrison Scholarship
Barbara E. Murphy Nursing Scholarship
Leo A. Musso Memorial Scholarship
Elsbeth Nagel Scholarship
Megan Elizabeth Noble Endowed Scholarship
Lois and Frank Noonan Scholarship
Florence Kemper Oaks Memorial Scholarship
Olden Chemistry Scholarship
Mary Lee McKnight Orbeliani Scholarship
Dorothy E. & Joseph C. Oricello Scholarship
Patrick and Mary O'Shea Memorial Scholarship
Bernard Osher Foundation Scholarships
Amelia Parreira Scholarship
Alexis J. Perillat Memorial Scholarship
The Kelly and Craig Perkins Endowed Scholarship
Edelbert W. Pieruccini Memorial Scholarship
Pioneer Purse Nursing Scholarship
John & Irene Podesta Scholarship
Marua T. Power Endowment
KPMG Peat Marwick Michael Raddie Law School Scholarship
David and Frances Raggio Scholarship
Douglas M. Raskin Endowed Scholarship
Rauenhorst Law Scholarship
The Susan Kinsey Redding Scholarships
Anita Marie Reed Scholarship
Bill Regan Endowed Business Scholarship
Carlo & Norma Ribero Scholarship
Ricci Institute Endowment Scholarship
Riccomini Family Fund
Riccomini Scholarship Fund
Irene & Tom Rice Memorial Scholarship
Jack and Jackie Riordan Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Cyril & Diana Roche Scholarship
Fr. Joseph F. Rock, S.J., Scholarship
Louise & Claude Rosenberg INOM Scholarship
Pete Rozelle Memorial Athletic Scholarship
St. Mary's School of Nursing Alumni Scholarship
Angelo Sangiacomo Scholarship
Anthony Schiariti Basketball Scholarship
John P. Schlegel, S.J. Scholarship
William & Elsa Schmidt Fund Scholarship
Alex & Olga Schwarz Endowed Scholarship
Andrew C. Schwartz Law Scholarship
John Scully Scholarship Endowment
Senior Class '88 Endowed Scholarship
Senior Class '91 Gift Scholarship -- in Memory of Jennifer Pizer
Lawrence P. Sheehan Scholarship
Fr. Leo Simpson, S.J., Scholarship
Agnes O'Brien Smith Law Scholarship
Robert James Smith Memorial Rehab Scholarship
Fr. Sam Sonnenberg Scholarship
Southern California Alumni Regional Scholarship
Joseph & Winifred Sprinz Scholarship
Gertrude C. Stack Scholarship
Mildred E. Stearns Foundation Scholarship
N.L. Stephens Scholarship
Alden J. Stevenson, S.J. Friendship Memorial Scholarship
Russell John Stevenson Memorial Scholarship
Daniel Strazulo Memorial Scholarship
Mary Roche Stroebel Scholarship
Fr. Gerald A. Sugrue, S.J. Scholarship
Fr. Robert Sunderland Endowed Athletic Scholarship
John Swanson Athletic Scholarship
Fran Swart Nursing Scholarship
Dee Swig Israel Scholarship
Melvin Swig Athletic Scholarship
Melvin Swig Graduate Program in Judaic Studies
Richard L. Swig McLaren Hospitality Scholarship
Laura Sypin Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Tarantino Family Scholarship
Joseph Tharp Business Scholarship
Thorvald Scholarship
Clement & Charlotte Tobin Scholarship
Elmer & Myrtle Towle Undergraduate Scholarship
Gisella Tunzi Scholarship
William Turner Scholarship
Frederick & Constance Tydeman International Science Scholarship
C. Wendell Uhrich Memorial Scholarship
Alexander Urban Scholarship
USF Salesian Alumni/Angelo Fusco Scholarship
USF Women Lawyers Council Scholarship
Vitamin Class Action Nursing Scholarship
Lou Volpicelli Memorial CPS Scholarship
Wall Family Business Scholarship
James F. Walsh Scholarship
Leo T. Walsh Endowed Scholarship
Michael T. Walsh Scholarship for the Handicapped
Jessie Ward Scholarship
Kiana Webb Endowed Scholarship
Julia de la Vega Welch Scholarship
Fr. Edward J. Whelan, S.J., Scholarship
Michael D. Whelan Memorial Scholarship
Brayton Wilbur Scholarship
Carolynn M. Winberry Scholarship
Women Lawyers Council Scholarship
Phil Woolpert/Eula Jones Athletic Scholarship
Albert & Sophie Yu Scholarship
Honore Francois Zabala Scholarship
Anthony J. Zanze Family Endowed Scholarship
Arthur C. Zief, Jr. and Jeff Brand Law Scholarship
Arthur C. Zief, Jr. and Stephen A. Privett, S.J. Undergraduate Scholarship
Arthur C. Zief, Jr. Foundation Scholarship
Arthur C. Zief, Jr. Law Scholarship
Arthur C. Zief, Jr. Undergraduate Scholarship
Dorraine & Arthur C. Zief, Jr. Foundation Law Scholarship
Dorraine M. Zief Law Scholarship

Dorraine M. Zief Men's Basketball Scholarship Zief Smith Endowed Men's Basketball Scholarship