Student Employment

The Student Employment Office assists students in finding on-campus employment and off-campus work-study employment.

Federal Work-Study. Federal Work-Study is a federally funded, University administered program that provides opportunities for eligible students to earn some of the funds needed to meet educational expenses. Jobs are available both on-campus and with qualified off-campus employers. The funds that support the program are limited, and they will be offered first to aid applicants who file a timely application (February 1 for new applicants, March 2 for continuing students for the following academic year) and demonstrate the greatest need. The FAFSA is required.

Campus Job Opportunity. Campus Job Opportunity is a student financial aid program designed to assist students in meeting their educational expenses by providing employment opportunities for on-campus jobs. Because Campus Job Opportunity is awarded to students with demonstrated need, students receive hiring priority for available non-work-study positions. An additional benefit of Campus Job Opportunity eligibility is that the salaries earned may be an income exclusion on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This exclusion applies to the aid application for the following year.

An offer of Federal Work-Study or Campus Job Opportunity, however, is not a guarantee of employment. Students must apply, compete, and be hired for a position. Federal Work-Study and Campus Job Opportunity positions are available throughout campus in a variety of administrative offices, libraries, sporting and health facilities, academic departments, and food service operations.

Regular Student Employment. Any USF student enrolled full-time in a degree seeking program can work on campus to earn funds to meet educational expenses.

After arriving on campus and completing the registration process, students may inquire about available positions by visiting our online job boards at

Students may also obtain a work clearance form at One Stop, Lone Mountain Hall, Room 251. Students will be asked to present a picture identification and a Social Security card, or a current United States passport.