Education, Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation Program

Administrative Office
School of Education, Room 246
Phone: (415) 422-6321
Dr. Michael Rozendal, Academic Director
Mary Coen, Administrative Director

The Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation Program (DDTP) has been designed specifically to serve students who have an interest in teaching as a career. As an accelerated program it offers one of the most efficient and economical paths to becoming a teacher.

This program prepares students to teach in California's schools. The DDTP is a blended (graduate/undergraduate) program through which students earn a Bachelor's degree in the major of their choice and a Master of Arts in Teaching. DDTP students will also complete the requirements to be recommended for a California Teaching Credential.

Students planning to enter this program as a freshman must have at least a 3.0 high school Grade Point Average (GPA) to qualify to enroll in the program. To maintain good standing in the program, Dual Degree students must maintain at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA in their college coursework, as well as a 3.0 cumulative GPA in their chosen major. To successfully complete the program, students will:

  • Complete the bachelor's degree program.
  • Pass the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test)or equivalent.
  • Pass the comprehensive Subject Matter Examination for Teachers (CSET).
  • Complete School of Education coursework, including student teaching, to qualify for a preliminary credential from the State of California.
  • Complete coursework for the Master of Arts in Teaching.

The program involves following a rigorous course schedule, often 17-18 units a semester, in order to complete the requirements for the Bachelor's degree, the credential, and the Master's degree in five (5) years. Without the Dual Degree program, the preliminary credential would normally take one and a half to two years to complete, beyond the Bachelor's degree, with additional time to earn a Master's.

Students intending to teach in elementary schools will complete all applicable University requirements, with the exception of the language requirement, plus various courses designed to help them to acquire proficiency in the subjects covered by the Multiple Subject CSET exams. Students intending to teach high school also complete all the applicable University requirements (including the language requirement) and will take subject matter preparation courses in English, Mathematics, Science, or Social Science in preparation for the CBEST and CSET exams.

Ideally, the program begins in the first semester of freshman year. However, continuing USF students and transfer students are welcome to apply. For these students, the program may require modifications and, in some cases, more time.

For more information about the DDTP program, contact the DDTP office at (415)422-6321, , or .