BUS 100 - Launch into Business (4)

Faculty have chosen topics about which they are especially passionate and informed. That sense of urgency and excitement ignites instructor-student interaction and results in profound learning experiences. Individual course topics will vary, but all will involve students in critical thinking about the intersection of business, ethics, world societies, and the environment. In the process, students learn to discuss and use basic business concepts and trends. Prerequisites: (concurrent RHET 106 or concurrent RHET 108 ) or TOEFL Total Score Paper with a minimum score of 587 or concurrent RHET 110 or concurrent RHET 130 or concurrent RHET 131 or TOEFL Total Score Internet with a minimum score of 94 or IELTS Overall Score with a minimum score of 7.0 or SAT Read HI + SAT Write HI with a minimum score of 400 or ACT Engl HI + ACT Read HI with a minimum score of 22 Degree restricted to BS in Business Administration.