Center for Law and Ethics

Administrative Office
Kendrick Hall, Room 300
Phone: (415) 422-5448

The objective of the USF School of Law’s Center for Law and Ethics is to teach students to become ethical lawyers. Through various projects, it engages practicing attorneys in discussions about ethics. In addition, it examines the structure of the legal profession and the legal system, exploring possibilities for reform and improvement.

To meet the Center's objectives, law school faculty members teach legal ethics, primarily in seminars limited to an enrollment of 20. In these seminars, professors address students' individual moral and ethical commitments and discuss how those should and should not change as students become lawyers. In addition, professors explore unorthodox approaches to helping students be happy, healthy, and ethical attorneys—from teaching classes on interpersonal dynamics to holding meditation sessions.

The Center also hosts a variety of events each year, including academic symposia examining critical legal ethics issues, guest speakers, and continuing legal education conferences in association with state and local Bar Associations.