Center for Law and Global Justice

Administrative Office
Kendrick Hall, Room 328
Phone: (415) 422-6304

The Center for Law and Global Justice is a focal point for USF School of Law's commitment to international justice and legal education with a global perspective. Founded in 1999, the Center's work focuses on human rights protection, peace and democracy building, and economic development, with an emphasis on corporate responsibility.

The Center generates student externships around the globe, protects and enforces human rights through litigation and advocacy, manages and participates in international rule of law programs in developing nations, develops partnerships with world-class foreign law schools, provides a forum for student scholarship, and nurtures an environment where student-organized conferences and international speakers explore topics relating to global justice.

The Center's global justice projects have included assisting schools in developing nations, ending juvenile death penalty sentences, defending death row inmates in the American South, and addressing the underlying issues of migration caused by climate change. Students contribute to global justice initiatives by participating in focused internships and research projects.

Founded in 1999, the Center is interdisciplinary in nature, often embarking on initiatives that meld law and anthropology, business, economics, or political science.