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Major in Spanish

The objective of the Spanish major is to provide oral and written competence in the language and a solid background in the literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.

Requirements for the Major in Spanish Studies

Note: Lower-division courses (Spanish 100, 101,102, 201 and 221) serve as a prerequisite but do not count toward the credits necessary for the major. (To continue with the next level of any language course, or even to enter Upper Division after Fourth Semester, students must receive a final grade of 70% or higher).

 The program requires the completion of forty (40) credits in Spanish Studies:

  • SPAN - 202 Fourth Semester Spanish (or SPAN 222 for Bilingual Students II)
  • SPAN - 206 Confluences and Conflicts in the Spanish-speaking World

One elective, chose from:

  • SPAN - 225 Spanish and Spanish Speakers in the U.S., California and San Francisco
  • SPAN - 226 Introduction to Spanish Translation
  • SPAN - 255 Small, Round and Juicy: the Modern Hispanic Short Story

Upper-division courses, twenty-eight (28), as follows:

One Language and Culture Studies Course, chosen from:

  • SPAN - 301 Building bridges: ESL in the Spanish-speaking Community
  • SPAN - 311 Advanced Oral and Written Expression
  • SPAN - 312 Spanish Phonetics
  • SPAN - 317 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • SPAN - 325 Language and Culture in Latin America

Two Literary and Cultural Studies Courses, chosen from:
  • SPAN - 331 Introduction to the Analysis of Literary Texts
  • SPAN - 333 Subversive Feminine Enjoyment in Latin American, Hispanic and Latino Film and Literature
  • SPAN - 335 20th Century Spanish American Literature
  • SPAN - 336 Feminist Discourse and feminist theories in Latin American Literature
  • SPAN - 337 Love and Sex, Vengeance and Death: Honor in Early Spain
  • SPAN - 338 The Invention of Spain: A Metamorphosis of the Modern
  • SPAN - 340 The Word and the Image: Intersections Between Photography and Literature in the Spanish Speaking World
  • SPAN - 346 Evil in Latin American, Hispanic and Latino Literature: From the Caudillo to the Drug Dealer
  • SPAN - 352 The Spanish Civil War Re-imagined: Literature, Film and the Visual Arts
  • SPAN - 355 Cultural Studies of Spain
  • SPAN - 360 Studies in Latin American Culture
Two electives, chosen from:
  • SPAN - 375 Border and Cultural Studies
  • Courses taken in Study Abroad Programs (which must be pre-approved by a Spanish faculty member). 
One Senior Seminar, chosen from:
  • SPAN - 402 Service Learning Project
  • SPAN - 410 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • SPAN - 412 Special Topics in Linguistics
  • SPAN - 431 Traces of Dante's Inferno in Hispanic Contemporary Literature
  • SPAN - 445 Cultures in Contact and Conflict: Christians, Muslims and Jews in Pre-Modern Spain
  • SPAN - 452 Don Quixote
  • SPAN - 456 Private Lives, Public Voices: The generation of 98 and Autobiography
  • SPAN - 457 Undoing Reality/Redoing Reality: Latin American Narrative
  • SPAN - 458 The Latin American City and Its Cinema: Urban Spaces and Living Practices
  • SPAN - 459 Borges, The Readerly Writer
  • SPAN - 470 Honors Senior Thesis

One Special Topics Course taught by faculty from other departments:
  • SPAN - 490 Special Topics

Learning Goals/Outcomes for the Major in Spanish:

Students will be able to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in Spanish, both in written and oral discourse.
  • Demonstrate a concrete knowledge of major artistic works and figures of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Respect difference and diversity, both in the context of their own culture and globally.
  • Develop an intellectual engagement, introspection and reflective sensibility that will contribute to their life-long learning.