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Rhetoric and Language

Department of Rhetoric and Language

 Kalmanovitz Hall 202

  2130 Fulton St.

 San Francisco, CA 94117

 Phone: 415 422-6243

 Fax: 415 422-5246


 Effective writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills are central to the University of San Francisco's mission and the hallmark of an educated person. Together the divisions of the Department stress all aspects of communication, literacy, and rhetoric. The department includes three areas:

 Composition is designed to increase each undergraduate student's ability in writing, which includes not only how to write but also how to read analytically and to think critically.

 Public Speaking introduces students to the fundamentals of oral communication and increases their ability to make effective presentations in classroom and public settings.

 English as a Second Language provides a variety of classes for multilingual students to assist them in refining their skills in written and oral English.

 In addition to offering courses, the department houses several special projects and programs:

 Writing for a Real World, a journal that publishes refereed student writing with commentary from students and their instructors is dedicated to providing a public forum for the finest student writing at the University of San Francisco.

 Speech and Debate Forum is a new program that offers students the opportunity to participate in both public and competitive speech and debate activities.

 Martín-Baró Living-Learning Community is a year-long, first-year program that focuses on poverty and social justice in writing, reading, and speaking.