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Honors Program in Psychology

 Students majoring in psychology may be eligible to graduate with the designation Honors in Psychology, if both their GPA in psychology and overall GPA are 3.5 or higher. In addition to a GPA of 3.5, honors students must complete PSYC 498 (Thesis Development Seminar) and 499 (Honors Thesis Seminar), and make an oral presentation.

PSYC 498 and PSYC 499 are a two-course sequence for high achieving and highly motivated psychology majors, which will give them hands-on experience in generating, conducting, analyzing and communicating the results of empirical psychological research. The program is completed in the following sequence: PSYC 498, proposal development and IRB application (Spring, junior year); PSYC 499, data gathering and thesis writing (Fall, senior year); oral presentation (Spring, senior year).

Further information is available from the chair of the Psychology Department and should be discussed at the beginning of the student's junior year.

All Psychology students are eligible to apply for participation in the Honors Program in the Humanities.