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Peace Review

The Politics Department houses the editorial offices for Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, a quarterly, multidisciplinary, transnational, peer-reviewed journal of research and analysis, focusing on the current issues and controversies that underlie the promotion of a more peaceful world. Social progress requires, among other things, sustained intellectual work, which should be pragmatic as well as analytical. The results of that work should be ingrained into our everyday culture and political discourse. We define peace research very broadly to include peace, human rights, development, ecology, culture and related issues. Our task is to present the results of this research and thinking in short, accessible and substantive essays. Our writers, readers and editors are located around the world, and the journal is distributed in more than 50 nations.

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Several members of the Politics Department work on the journal, including the Editor, Robert Elias; and Associate Editors, Scott McElwain, and Stephen Zunes. Faculty from many other USF departments are also involved. Peace Review also provides opportunities for students. Among other things, they have written for the journal and acted as editorial assistants, thus experiencing a unique undergraduate opportunity.