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Peace and Justice Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Administrative Office
Kalmanovitz Hall, Room 232
Phone: (415) 422-4379 or 422-2910
 Keally McBride, Director

The Peace and Justice Studies Program offers an analysis of conditions that lead to war, violence and injustice as well as opportunities to develop a vision for a peaceful and just society and an appreciation of how one can contribute towards that goal. Ranging from the local to the global levels, the classes enable students to examine impediments to peace and justice-such as militarism, repression, violence, racism, sexism, underdevelopment and environmental decay-as well as ideas, strategies, social movements, and theological and philosophical approaches that seek to build a just and peaceful society. Students must also complete an internship with any of a wide range of peace and human rights groups in the Bay Area or beyond.

Peace and Justice Studies Minor Requirements

The Peace and Justice Studies Minor requires completion of five 4-credit courses (20 credits), chosen from the following categories:

Required Introductory Course:
Choose one course (4 credits) in three of the following four categories, for a total of twelve (12) credits:

Peace and Conflict: 

Social and Economic Justice: 

Ethical Approaches: 

Social and Movements: 

Required Internship

Choose one of the following (4 credits)